Towny Challenges: Rules & FAQs

Towny Challenges: Rules & FAQs



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December 24, 2022 at 12:24 AM

Towny Challenges: Rules & FAQs

Towny Challenges are being added to our existing Kattalox world. These challenges are completely optional and can be completed by new and already-existing towns alike. These challenges provide a great opportunity for towns to continue to develop while earning rewards to expand. Challenges and prizes will continue to be added.


These apply to ALL challenges unless otherwise stated in that challenge criteria
1) Challenges must be completed in Kattalox, within the Town's borders. Builds in other worlds, or in the wilderness will not be accepted.
2) One challenge per build. Even if your build meets the criteria for multiple challenges, you may only submit it for one challenge.
3) Towns do NOT need to complete challenges in any specific order
4) Only mayors and co-mayors can submit Challenge Completion Requests, you can find that here (insert link to that when time comes)
5) There needs to be visible effort put into these challenges. You do not need to be a master builder to complete these challenges but submitting dirt or cobble huts will not fly.
6) Towns must have a town board to participate in town challenges. This is to help staff keep track of what challenges have been completed. Mayors can request a town board here
7) Final say is given to Admins+ to decide if a challenge is completed or not.


Q: Are these challenges for new towns only?
A: No, any town can participate. Most challenges have criteria in place to prevent older towns from completing several challenges right away. This is to encourage new builds and engagement in Kattalox.

Q: This challenge requires me to build a new version of something my town already has, do I have to?
A: Challenges are always optional. Your town is welcome to destroy the old version and build a new one in the same spot, or just build a new one somewhere else in the town.

Q: What if I don’t have enough town chunks to complete a challenge?
A: Unless otherwise stated, most challenges must be completed within your town borders. Fortunately, most challenges reward more town chunks back then what is required to be used in the challenge.

Q: If my town completes a challenge, how do I claim my rewards?
A: If your town meets the criteria provided for a challenge by an Admin+, a Senior Admin+ will then give you the rewards corresponding with the challenges completed.

Q: Do I have to complete all the challenges before I can submit a Request Form?
A: No, it's preferable that you complete one challenge at a time, with one completion request per challenge