How to reduce LAG!

How to reduce LAG!


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December 27, 2022 at 12:51 PM

How to reduce the LAGGG!!!

A guide by HvPanda, copied from legacy forums.

Screaming about your problems have never solved anything this is list about the things you can do to prevent lag.

Extend the ram.

Open Minecraft and press on the '3 lines' in the upper right corner.

Press on 'Launch options'.

Enable 'JVM arguments' and replace the text with 'Xmx8G'. If your pc has 8GB or less ram make the number that you place it 2GB less. For example, you have 8gb ram you make it 'Xmx6G'. Never make it bigger then '8' it will slower your pc and won't prevent lag in Minecraft.

Install the latest optifine.
Google 'How to instal optifine'.

Optifine settings
Options ➤ Video Settings.

Some of the important settings to prevent lag:
GraphicsFastSmooth LightningOFFDynamic LightsOFFFramerateUnlimitedRender Distance10 (The server doesn't render more)Quality Settings ➤ Anisotropic Filtering OFFPerformance settings enable all(Play with other settings)

Disable rain:
Detail settings➤ Rain & Snow: OFFAnimation settings ➤Rain Splash:OFFOther Settings➤Weather:OFF

Install BetterFPS
Go to 'Options...' and click there the option 'BetterFPS Options". If this isn't showing you didn't properly installed the mod.
Fog:On Fast Hopper OnBeacon BeamOnFast BeaconOn

Stuck in a block
When you got stuck in a block you're stuck in a 'ghost block'. The server and your computer are out of sync. This happens most of the time at the end of mcmmo skill super breaker. You can't prevent this. when stuck or after a super breaker do /bug. It wil reload the chucks.

- Update Minecraft to the latest release.*
- Update modifications.
- Update your computer.

Internet Connection
- Make sure you have a good connection to the router.
- Avoid machines around the router and between the router and your computer when you use a wifi network.
- Use a cable if you're be able to.
- If you use wifi, change channel.
- Get a better provider.

- Disable programs on the background, browsers, video and audio players take the most ram.
- Check your surroundings in Minecraft, mob farms can make your area lag.
- Some texture packs can cause lag. For example HD 128x128+, animated and 3D texture packs.
- Minimalize animated blocks, water, fire, torches, sea lanterns, redstone.
- Disable redstone that repeatly updating. (Add a on/off button)
- Restart your computer time to time.
- Make an on/off button on your mob farms.