Development Log 1: Future of Sentinelcraft

Development Log 1: Future of Sentinelcraft

Future of Sentinel

As a senior admin team, we've certainly had our hands full lately. Whether it's starting new roles, pursuing further studies, or preparing for an exciting wedding, our team members have been busy with various life events. Despite these personal commitments, we're committed to Sentinels' future, and we've got a plan that will guide us forward. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing the details of this plan in multiple parts, to ensure we can give each of these parts the focus they need.

The Plan – Overview

The primary reason for implementing these changes is the consistently low number of players over the past year. The goal is to attract and retain new players while also enhancing the experience for long-time players, with a particular focus on improving the new player experience.

The overarching vision for our plan is to introduce a fresh world with the name 'Phoenix,' while moving away from Horizon and Kattalox as our main worlds in favour of focusing on Phoenix. It's important to note that, in our current plan, we have no intention of deleting any important worlds. Instead, we are redirecting our focus to what truly makes Sentinel unique – our commitment to Survival and the vibrant player interactions that thrive there. We aim to ensure that Phoenix and our established worlds coexist harmoniously, fostering a future where our community can flourish.
To move Sentinel into the future, significant changes are on the horizon. We understand the importance of maintaining our existing worlds, and thus, we will not remove rank perks, change the established economy, or alter shop prices in any of these worlds. We value the hard-earned progress our community has made. However, as part of this transformative journey, some key areas where changes will occur for Phoenix include Voting, Economy, Donations, and Ranks. We are committed to ensuring that these changes are introduced smoothly and fairly, with respect for the time and effort players have invested in Sentinel. It is our firm belief that these changes will ultimately enrich the overall experience for our community while preserving the accomplishments and permissions already earned in our current worlds.

In the weeks ahead, we will delve deeper into these areas where we anticipate significant changes. Our aim is to provide you with detailed insights into how these changes will be implemented and how they will affect your gameplay experience. We understand that it might take time to fully grasp and adjust to these alterations, so we want to give you ample opportunity to digest the information, ask questions, and provide constructive feedback on the direction we're taking. Our commitment is to do our best to ensure that as many of our community members as possible are satisfied with the changes. However, we are aware that it may not be possible to please everyone, and we will make every effort to address concerns and find solutions that best balance the needs and expectations of our diverse player base. Your input is invaluable to us, and we're excited to embark on this journey together.

Reason for this plan

For over six months, Sentinel has relied on our cash reserves to keep our server running, as the level of donations we've been receiving is not sufficient to sustain our operations indefinitely. We are aware that we must make a significant change in the coming weeks and months. So because of this will be making key changes to the donation store such as new ranks, permissions, etc, and we suspect these are likely to hardest to get right and could be the least popular change we could make. Rest assured it will not become P2W!

The decision to embark on this specific plan of action, over any other, is rooted in the concerns expressed by our community about the potential loss of Horizon and Kattalox. We share these sentiments and understand the attachment many of you have to these beloved worlds. However, we also recognize that, over time, these worlds may become less appealing for players who have explored them extensively and achieved most of what they have to offer. Our goal is to reinvigorate Sentinel and breathe new life into our community. We believe that introducing a fresh, innovative world with new challenges and opportunities to achieve, can rekindle the enthusiasm of both our seasoned players and newcomers alike.



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Posted on November 1, 2023 by Oplegoman