Development Log 2: Future of Sentinelcraft

Development Log 2: Future of Sentinelcraft

Development Log 2 - Changes A foot

On this diary log, we will be discussing world changes and their potential impact on the community. These changes are designed to maintain Horizon and Kattalox as active worlds while introducing a new flagship world, Phoenix. It's a compromise aimed at keeping the best of both for both sides of the reset argument and revitalizing the Sentinel experience.

We will provide detailed information on the changes for each world individually to minimize confusion and ensure clarity about our plans. While we may not cover everything in this log, we welcome questions and input from the community to address any aspects that may need further explanation. Your feedback is highly valued and can be raised here on Discord:


  • Fedgardia remains the spawn world.
  • Server spawn is getting revamped for quick access to the survival world.
  • Survival inventory will be unlinked from Fedgardia and may link with Phoenix or remain unconnected.
  • Shop location will move to Horizon, so it's still accessible.
  • Crates & Seasonal Head Crates not transferring to Horizon; a better version will come to Phoenix.
  • The economy will be unlinked from this world, possibly linking with Phoenix.

Horizon and Kattalox

  • Horizon and Kattalox remain active and accessible.
  • Horizon and Kattalox inventories remain connected to each other, but not to any other world.
  • Kattalox Nether and Horizon End will open for resource gathering.
  • Both worlds will receive version updates (e.g., 1.21).
  • No new gameplay features in these worlds unless popular demand arises.

Alpha and Skyblock

  • Alpha and Skyblock worlds are removed at least for now.
  • This is to simplify and reduce server complexity to enhance accessibility for both new and existing players.
  • They will be looked at being added again once player count allows and it makes sense to include more worlds.


  • Origin will run as it currently does, we believe this world will be unaffected by any of the other changes we have detailed in this post.

Flatgrass and Minigames

  • Flat should remain unaffected and will work as it currently does.
  • Minigames will not be worked upon for at least the near future, this is also an effort to simplify and reduce server complexity for players and staff who manage these plugins.

Seasonal Events - A.K.A. Dimension

  • At this time, there are no short term plans for Dimension. We invite the community to continue working together to develop Origin, while allowing staff time to build Phoenix into the new flagship world. As we complete higher priority server projects, we will look at reopening a new season of Dimension.


  • This will be our main new world and our main focus is to implement changes and patches from the ground up.
  • This will be a fresh start for everyone. There will be no transfers from any other world such as but not limited to balance, mcmmo skills, builds, claimblocks, towny chunks, W/e transfers from any world or Flight.
  • Looking at improving the new player experience in this world for a more consistent and less overwhelming beginning.
  • Ranks will be reworked for this world, this will be greatly expanded upon in the next Developer Log. This is to create a more familiar rank system and update it from the outdated 2014 one.
  • Grief prevention and Towny to coexist in one world for a sense of community.
  • Shop updates for a more modern Minecraft experience.
  • Nether with a defined world border, providing a persistent world.
  • End world reset for loot under consideration.
  • No separate resource world; protect the landscape and resources. Rules regarding landscape grief will be enforced.

We believe the above covers the majority of the changes we are looking to make and details our near future plans for these worlds. The next Development Log will be dedicated to Donations and how we will be handing people's current ranks while moving towards Phoenix.


Posted on November 7, 2023 by Oplegoman