Development Log 3: Future of Sentinelcraft

Development Log 3: Future of Sentinelcraft


Sentinel Rank and Store Changes

This is a significant change, as Sentinel has rarely undergone major store changes in the past, and we are committed to implementing them now. We understand that the prospect of change may raise concerns about the impact on your rank and perks. Rest assured, we will provide as much detail as possible at this stage regarding our plans.

Most important Points

  1. Let's clarify right away that we will NOT be removing your existing ranks and perks.
  2. Perks from the currently held ranks will no longer be global across all Sentinel Worlds. Instead, they will be specific to each world going forward.

Information for current rank holders

Important: Your rank perks which you have bought will be respected in Horizon and Kattalox, but will not be transferred over to Pheonix, or any other world.

We understand that some of you will be disappointed and dislike this specific change, but this has been something we have discussed for awhile and decided that for any effective store changes we want to implement, this is the best course of action that would accommodate the old worlds and the new ones with as little friction as we can.

Display Name

We will have to change how we handle this to allow it to fit in to the new store structure. This is something else we have spent a bit of time carefully considering as we have had to weigh up multiple approaches to find the one which is most suitable for Sentinel. We have decided upon the following plan;

We have decided to name each rank track on the store will be from a given theme, an example of this (Themes are a work in progress).

Rank Cost Horizon/Kattalox Phoenix
$5 Stone Trailblazer
$10 Deepslate Explorer
$15 Coal -
$20 Iron Pathfinder
$25 Redstone -
$40 Gold Wanderer
$50 Quartz Voyager

Giving specific ranks a name will allow us to add a bit of character to the store page while allowing us to differentiate between the ranks of different world. You can also see, by the gaps, that we can miss specific rank points to help simplify the store and cut down on our transaction fees.

As we know, people are attached to their display names and this is not something we want to mess with if we can help it, we have decided that your display name colour will come from the highest rank you have across any of the worlds. So this means upon release, all current rank holders will keep their current display name colour.

Proposal: Subscription

We have also discussed the following proposal multiple times and are unsure on how to proceed with this or even if we should proceed with this idea. Our idea is the introduction of a subscription rank for the server. We can see this having multiple advantages for the server and for the rank holder.

The general concept of the idea is as follows;

Subscription rank: 30 day rank – costs $10 (cost is only a placeholder for the example)

- Benefits of the highest ranks of each of the worlds for their respective worlds without having to go up the whole donation track. Will cost you less in the short term.

- Unique prefix and display name to signify you have the Subscription and not another rank.

- The potential of additional rewards for being a subscriber for a given amount of time

Things to be aware of:

- Money spent on the subscription rank will not accumulate up the ranks as our traditional ranks currently do.

- The rank will only last 30 days and if not renewed you will lose access to all the perks it granted.

- In the long term, this will cost more than going up the traditional rank track.

- We would like your feedback on this proposal, whether this could be a positive change or to the detriment of Sentinel. Do give feedback on discord.

Additional Information for Rank Holders

While we work on our new donation structure, we would love any feedback you may have for us on what you would like to see included and what you may not want to see included. This could be at what specific ranks you would like to see these things at. One thing we have discussed already has been that there will not be a rank which has permanent fly in Phoenix.


Our next Development Log will be based around the Economy and changes we are looking to make there for this new world.


Posted on January 4, 2024 by Oplegoman