The New Website is Upon Us!

The New Website is Upon Us!

Hello everyone!

We are now in the process of moving over our domain from our old host to our new host. As with anything to do with the internet, for some people this could take time. For some people the site could be accesible while for others it may not be. All we can ask is that you are patient with us as we work to making it work for everyone!

The new site has the following great features:

- Automatic password resetting

- New News section to allow us to easily put changes and new events at the forefront of the site!

- Easier forum post editting

- A brand new Wiki where all guides will go, now means they no longer get lost in the depths of a complex forum!

- Support Tickets, this will inform all staff of issues while keeping your problem private

- A new FAQ page, for the simple and frequent questions. Tell us of any questions and answers we should add to this!

- Updated staff list with descriptions, much easier to manage and update!

- Changelog, for us to log server changes as well as website changes, we will try to use this for important changes

- Legacy Forum, this is where we will store the old forums so it can still be visited for nostalgia's sake :D


We hope this has been well worth it and that you enjoy the new site, we aim to add more in the future and over time the site becomes more populated when we all start using it more :D


- SentinelCraft Staff


Posted on December 19, 2022 by Oplegoman


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