2023 Prom Minigames: Featuring the Sentinel Olympics

2023 Prom Minigames: Featuring the Sentinel Olympics

Hello everyone!

As we gear up towards the 10th anniversary of SentinelCraft, we are excited to bring back a blast from the past. This year we will hold another rendition of The Sentinel Olympics!
The Olympic games will consist of various teams fighting it out in 8 different minigames to earn points for their team. The games will take place starting Monday, May 15th until Friday, May 27th.

In order to determine our teams, a signup form that everyone can fill out will be available below. Use the following format to signup for the Sentinel Olympics here: https://www.sentinelcraft.net/forum/discussions/120 . You may signup between now and May 13th at 5 PM GMT.

In game name:

Your favorite Minigame:

What you’re most excited for at prom:

Once you have replied to this post with that information, your name will be put in a random wheel generator. Teams will be determined by this random wheel via a live-stream on Sunday, May 14th at 6 PM GMT.

The following games will be played as part of the Sentinel Olympics at the following date(s) and time(s)
Boat Race: May 15th, 6 PM GMT.
Paintball: May 16th, 12 PM GMT.
Tic Tac Toe Tournament: May 18th, 6 PM GMT.
Archery Race: May 19th, 4 PM GMT.
Chicken Football Tournament: May 20th, 4 PM GMT
Spleef: May 22nd, 12 PM GMT
Ice Boat Race: May 24th, 12 PM GMT
Ninja Warrior: May 26th, 8 PM GMT

The rules and layouts of each particular minigame will be released at a later time/date.

Prizes will be given for participating. Final prizes for winners will be rewarded at prom.

Additionally, we will hold Roll on Wednesday and Trivia on Friday the week of prom. No prior signup is required for these two games, and anyone is able to participate.

We hope to have everyone in the community pariticpate in such a historic event! If you have any questions you can contact evzntv on discord!

Posted on May 9, 2023 by Oplegoman