Owner's Note: Sentinelcraft Reborn

Owner's Note: Sentinelcraft Reborn

Sentinelcraft Reborn

Dear SentinelCrafters,
I’d like to preface this by saying a thank you to the community for having supported Sentinelcraft and all its changes in the past 10 years. I have had the opportunity to work with great people throughout the years to make Sentinelcraft what it is today. I have learned through it that if we ever want to make change we must be daring, all the while studying carefully what we are doing to keep the best interest of the community in mind. Through the past couple of weeks, we have introduced our plans for the future of Sentinelcraft and, hopefully, you're just as excited as we are about this future. We also hope that you respect our decisions and have confidence in us to rebuild Sentinelcraft in the coming few months.

Below, is a condensed list of our plans and I will go ahead and explain things in short as to why us, the senior staff, have decided this is the best course of action to take.

  • Phoenix is a world that we announced will be a new world built from the ground up.
  • As mentioned in the development log, Alpha & Dimension will be disabled until we can afford the luxury of having those worlds back up. We will release a new season of Dimension when we feel we can divide our efforts.
  • With Alpha being disabled, Kattalox will have its own (brand new) nether and end access.
  • Skyblock will be temporarily disabled, our beloved game mode will return in the future with new plugins and game modes - don’t you worry!
  • Side-worlds like Dimension and Minigames will be put on hold with no new changes so as to dedicate all our efforts to the new plans.

We have gone and decided on these “daring” steps because we are looking to build a more reliable future for Sentinelcraft. We have been doing fine on the current setup but as the set-up ages, the server does not age well with it. Sentinelcraft has long been known and commended for its stability and not taking a reset approach but for that to work it requires a lot of intricate and cobweb-like structures between plugins which complicates things the more updates we go through.

The purpose of “Phoenix” is as the name suggests, a Sentinelcraft Reborn, we want to keep all the things that make Sentinel great while incorporating new things that spice up the experience. We want to keep the player base engaged and bring forth the changes that we cannot dare to make with our old worlds so that we can make sure that Sentinel can survive on its own two feet for the longest time possible and bring together more of the community.

These changes will be most noticeable by our current player base as it affects certain things they have become used to having. We’ve also identified some key action points that we will be working on behind the scenes, they are:

  • Reworking the donation shop: This is a key thing to be discussed in the Development Log 3.
  • Re-writing server listings and improving our voting system: We want to improve our voting experience and bring in new players through it.
  • Clarifying and simplifying the rules: Ensuring players are able to get the full set of rules upon joining while still not getting too overwhelmed with it.
  • Improving our social media presence: Advertising the server requires us to be present all through social media, it is hard but we will work out a plan for it.
  • Revisiting older permissions & settings: Optimizing our permissions, commands and settings on the server and on the new world for a consistent and well-balanced experience.

We hope that you trust us with the changes coming to Sentinelcraft. We will continue being transparent with the community regarding our future changes and plans and will try our best to remain consistent despite our busy schedules.
We thank you for being the understanding community that you are, and we invite you to always feel free to discuss and bring forth opinions for the better of the server.

Posted on November 17, 2023 by PaulinaCarrot