Phoenix Release & Details

Phoenix Release & Details

Dear community,


It has been less than a week since we announced the new world and we have received some concerns and feedback from the community. This post will serve as a follow-up, giving more detail and an overview of what to expect. It will also include the date of launch in big letters, hard to miss!


Towns and Claims:

Towns and Claims will be merged into the same world again. Just as it originally was back when Sentinelcraft just started. We are also dropping the use of Towny plugin as we prefer Husk Towns & Claims for their reliable development, and they co-exist nicely and give us less of a headache. The features are all similar to what we are currently used to, and they are premium.

Towns plugin has its own differences, there is no longer any town upkeep or ‘taxes’ but instead for a town to grow or have additional perks the town has to pay to level up through many levels. These provide more claim chunks and allows the town to have more people within it.


Chat & Names:

We will be using the same chat plugin as before. We are still exploring the option of having town chat back once the server starts. The chat plugin we use is also premium.

For player names, players that want to change their names will be allowed to do so when we launch. Join with the name you want as soon as launch starts. In case we have doubts about impersonations, you may be asked to identify yourself through discord as well. Trying to impersonate someone else will lead to punishment.


Jobs & McMMO:

JOBS! We have decided to add jobs and balanced McMMO to co-exist with the plugin.


Jobs - is completely new to sentinel and will feel fresh for everyone. The plan around jobs is to replace the server shop (/shop) to allow a fully player run economy and make trading the defacto for everyone - to help build a level of community.  Key points of jobs:

  • There is a daily limit on how much you can make - it's made clear to you in game. This also allows us to balance the economy in the forming months of this world.
  • You can join up to 3 jobs, but by doing so you gain less money and job experience on each of these jobs - it's down to you to decide if this is a compromise you are willing to make.
  • Money is given to you automatically for completing actions, you get to keep the items - we expect prices of things to vary from what we currently expect.

McMMO has been balanced to fit the changes of 1.20, there are some nerfs, and it will be harder to reach levels like before, but we think the challenge makes the plugin better and rewards the players in a more valuable manner. A notable changes

  • Repair will allow you to repair things without losing enchant at 1000 levels and not 500. 
  • The xp curve has been changed from linear to exponential
  • The fishing skill has a new custom loot table with valuable drops. 
  • Just like Fishing, Excavation’s loot table will also receive an update in the near future. At launch the loot table will be ‘’vanilla’’ mcMMO though.
  • We are investigating the possibility to add custom potions to the Alchemy skill.
  • In general, a lot of the xp-rates have been lowered to prevent people from leveling too quickly. With this change, we aim to be more like traditional MMO games where it takes a long time to get to max level. We understand that this might upset people, but it’s better for the server’s health in the long run. It also makes it much more of a challenge to be #1 on the leaderboard… ;)
  • McMMO complaints should be routed to Fjerreiro, he is the demon behind it.

Economy & Player Shops: 

There will be no more trade signs. We will be using a shop plugin which works through chests, they are easier to manage. You can also set up your group of trusted players to restock these chests and share the profits! (BuildyBlocks shall rise again!) - Oli hijacked the post here, lol.


Additionally, with the economy, we have made a fundamental change which will change how the server is played going forward. We will no longer be selling spawners and spawn eggs for different mob types, so at this moment in time only spawners which spawn naturally in the world will be obtainable. You will still be able to pick up spawners you find.


The Economy will be subject to rectifications (patches), as we identify how players earn income we will have to balance things, so money does not become obsolete like current Sentinelcraft.



Making it really clear - the rules will stay the same. The rules are here: 


There is far less incentive to try to break the rules with an automatic farm as there is no server shop to sell your items to, you will not make money from your job and having a massive oversupply of a given item will drive down the price considerably.


Voting overhaul:

We are doing a voting overhaul. We are adding voting milestones and streaks to gain rewards directly through the system. We are, for now, dropping the monthly top voters until voting activity picks up. The voting websites will also be cut down to 5. The following is a table for the voting streaks:


We are hoping the community engages with voting more so we can work on better rewards & systems. We are also exploring a link between voting & crates for people who are regular voters to have a special Vote Key.

The voting shop is removed - the aim is to bring this back in the future once things have settled. You will still get vote points in the meantime to reward players who vote on a regular basis, and these will be used in any remake of the shop.



Crates will be back and operating as soon as possible! They will include more items & fun things. And will be implemented as soon as it is ready.


Flat world:

Although removed, we are contemplating plans for the world eventually to be reimplemented in the most optimal way possible.


Other changes to the world setup:

  • Homes have had some modification also, you can make public homes which anyone can teleport to if you so allow it. This is to replace asking and setting warps from staff.
  • Keep inventory will be off on launch with the plan to introduce keep inventory tokens which can be bought with in game money - we need to see how the player economy stacks up so we can price them accordingly.
  • Also, you will drop your items on the ground, but they are locked so only you can pick them up unless you explicitly run a command to unprotect them.
  • You can now enable email recovery for your in game account - please enable this.
  • We have changed the map plugin from dynmap to a map which allows us to see the map in 3d from multiple perspectives.

Old worlds & backup:

The old worlds will be in a back up and hosted separately on a cloud for a duration of 6 months. This cloud will go under our server costs for 6 months this is to allow players to download the worlds if they opt to. The worlds however are about 100+ GB total (Horizon is BIG). We do recommend players to get schematics of the builds they made if they want to still work on them in single player.


Phoenix launches on May 24th 2024! Current world goes offline on May 23rd. 

See you there!


We will be releasing some things at later patches depending on how things go. We hope to see you there and that you are quite excited for the new start!


We extend our thanks and appreciation for your constant support.


With love,

Senior Staff.


Posted on May 19, 2024 by PaulinaCarrot