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We are a community founded in 2013 and still going strong to this day!

  • Crates!

    Thank you for everyone’s patience, we are happy to announce crates are back open!The re-release of crates comes with some new features:Basic Mob drop and BasicFood crates are available with the same rewards as before, costing $250. Basic Gardening is...

  • Changes to Alchemy!

         -- Mcmmo Alchemy --   So you’re planning on becoming a witch? Well, you’re in luck as we just released a lot of new potions and concoctions*!   Some might seem familiar, some effects you can probably guess by looking at the name or the hint...

  • Changes in Employment!

    Changes in Employment! We have had a great first week and seeing people take to the jobs plugin instead of a server shop has been great to see. When we implemented jobs we knew we would have needed to change values overtime to make jobs balanced...

  • Phoenix Wiki & Launch!

    Happy 11th Birthday to Sentinelcraft. Be there for Phoenix's Launch Today at 6.30 PM GMT+1! Dear community, We hope you are ready for the launch of Phoenix! This post will give you links to the wikis that have been updated: Starter Guide | Senti...

  • Phoenix Release & Details

    Dear community,   It has been less than a week since we announced the new world and we have received some concerns and feedback from the community. This post will serve as a follow-up, giving more detail and an overview of what to expect. It will a...


Sentinelcraft is a 1.20.4 survival no-grief server that's been going strong since May 2013! We offer a few plugins for claiming, town building and money making. We welcome all players who wish to join a survival server with a tight-knit community and fun atmosphere! 

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