Dimension Season 2: Towny Siege Wars!

Dimension Season 2: Towny Siege Wars!

Dimension Season 2: Towny Siege Wars!

It's time for the long awaited Towny Siege wars! Be prepared to fight your friends and rule over the continental map! Join the fun on Saturday at 4 PM GMT / 12 AM GMT+8 / 10 AM CT (GMT -6).

Gamemode Details:

This gamemode will include multiple plugins that are themed around Towny, we highly suggest reading the user manuals on each ones as they are quick and explain the gist of what you'll be doing!

In brief: You'll be given a period of 3 days after you make your town of full immunity to all invasions. Make full use of this period to plan your town an suit up! Once your grace period is over you are open to attacks and invasion from other nations. A siege is laid by placing a banner at your door step, the enemy has to score a certain amount of points for your siege to start. During the period of a siege you'll fight your opponent's military, any non-military members participating in the war will automatically receive debuffs. You have to score points and the winner is whoever has the most points. You obviously get more points the more opponents you kill. You are able to surrender or abandon a siege after a set amount of time (24 hours). You'll receive immunity that is half the time that the siege lasted. The duration of a siege holdout is 48 hours.
While everything is taking place you will also affected by what type of armor your are wearing and certain blocks that you are using. You'll receive an effect called encumbrance which slows you down and take damage if you jump around alot.

Once you've gotten over 16 plots claimed, you will be able to pay a certain amount of money (250$ for the first level) to survey and collect resources each day to which your nation (or occupying nation) has a 25% claim of it. You can collect these resources and use or sell them.

The goal at the end of the season is to come out on top in the nation list by occupying towns - owning resources and having gains during invasion. We'll detail more on how these will be accounted for each after a few weeks into the season. It is hard to set parameters early on until we see how the real deal plays out! Occupying towns will still have the most weight in the ranking of nations.

Read more about it at: Dimension Season 2: Towny Siege Wars! | SentinelCraft

Posted on March 2, 2023 by PaulinaCarrot