Towny Guide


Welcome to SentinelCraft!

If you just joined our community and you need some guidance on how to start playing our server, you came to the right place.
First of all, if you joined for the first time, after logging in into the server, you will have to do /register <password> then /login<password>. After the first join, you will only need to keep using /login <password>

Also on the first login, We want to make sure everyone has knowledge of the rules. So you will have to read all rules, which can be found by our Rule's holder NPC in spawn. Right-clicking on the NPC, it will give you our general rules. You will auto-join the server as a member but do make the time to read the rules or ask staff about any unclear information about the rules to avoid any unwanted punishments.

After you successfully done all of it, You will see that spawn is protected from building to prevent griefing. To be able to build your house, you will need to warp into the wilderness, which you can find on the /warproom or by doing /warps. You can also do /rtp which will randomly tp you to one of the main spawns in Horizon.

To help you in your gameplay, we have also implemented some useful commands. Below is a list of some of the basic ones, and you can always go to the tutorial room by typing /tutorial to check out the rest of them. You can also check the list of our other guides by doing /guides.

List of commands:

   - /sethome <name> --> Sets home at your current location.
   - /home <name> --> Teleports you to that home.
   - /spawn --> teleports you to the world spawn, at the starter island.
   - /list --> shows you list of online players.
   - /shop --> Teleports you to the server shop where you can buy and sell materials and/or items.
   - /balance/bal or /money --> shows your money in-game. Can also show you another players money if you use /balance <player>
   - /joindate <username> --> It shows the registration date of that player on the server.
   - /tokens --> Shows you how many tokens you have.
   - /lobby --> Teleports you into our minigames' lobby.
   - /mg or /minigames --> Takes you to the minigames lobby.
   - /sentinel --> Shows a quick list of useful commands in-game.
   - /helpop <message> --> Send a message for only staff members.
   - /lb tb --> gives you a block to check who placed a block. Right-click to see who placed the block your pointing at.
   - /starter --> Gives you a general guide on how to start your adventure on the server.
   - /claimsguide --> Gives you a general guide about the Claim plugin.
   - /townyguide --> Gives you a general guide about the Towny plugin.
   - /sbguide --> Gives you a general guide about Skyblock.
   - /protectionguide --> Gives you a general guide about the Belongings' protection plugin.
   - /donatorguide --> Gives you a general guide on how to donate to the server.
   - /auction --> Brings up the auction interface.
   - /auctionguide --> Gives you a guide about the auction plugin.
   - /signguide --> Gives you a guide about how to use helpful signs in SentinelCraft.
   - /quest or /quests --> Gives a list of quest commands or gives you your latest quest hint. Only works at Spawn.

If you're playing with a friend or want to play with someone in-game, these are some commands that might interest you:
   - /tpa <player> --> Sends teleport request to teleport you to that player.
   - /tpahere <player> --> Sends teleport request to teleport them to you.
   - /tpaccept or /tpdeny --> Accept or deny the requests listed above.
   - /msg <player> <message> Talk privately with your friend.
   - /r  --> Reply to the last person who messaged you.
   - /ignore <player> --> Ignores that player's private messages.
   - /voteshop  --> Opens up the vote shop were you can spend your tokens. Only works in /spawn.

Making Money:

If you want to make money in-game, there are many ways of doing so.
   - The first and most common way is by going to the shop /shop and selling stuff by right-clicking signs that say [Sell]
   - You can also /vote and get 100$ and 10 tokens each time you vote on a link. There are five links you can vote on every 24 hours. So you can earn 500$ and 50 tokens a day.
   - Some towns/players have shops where you can sell items in order to make money. You can also make your own shop.
   - /Auction is also a great way to earn money.
   - If you cannot wait to have money you can also /donate and receive up to 250000$ in-game cash, along with quite a few other perks.

General Gameplay:

This is a primarily survival server, that means this is a server that plays along the same line as single-player mode survival in vanilla Minecraft. No one in the game is granted creative except for the owner.

Your first task in starting out here is to find a place to build. We suggest doing /kit tools so you can get some free basic tools and a bit of food. Next you should do /warps and select a biome you would like. Then just start exploring until you find an area far enough away from anyone else that you like. Once you have that you can set up shop and start building. You can harvest and sell wood logs, ores, and farmed goods to the shop to make some money.

This is only a starter guide into our server, as you can imagine there are a lot more commands that can be used. If you need any help with the more advanced commands we recommend asking other players or staff members for help. If you still have any doubts, more questions or even have any suggestions to help our server get better, you can go to our forums and post a topic about it.

We hope you enjoy your stay,

-- SentinelCraft Staff.

Chat and Channel Guide!

/g - Global chat. Everyone on the server will hear you. You are automatically put in this channel when first logging on to the server.

/l - Local chat. Only people within a small range can hear you.

/wc - World chat. Only people in the same world as you can hear you.

/sm - Senior Member chat. An exclusive chat channel to talk to fellow Senior Members.

/cc - Clan chat. we ask towns/nations create a clan so that you can communicate with fellow town members across all worlds

/pc - Party chat. Chat with only people in a pre-made party.
**For more information on clan chat and party chat, check out our Friends, Clans, & Party Guide.

/msg <player name> - Sends a private message to a player.

/r - responds to a private message.

/w <player name> - Does the same as /msg

/tell <player name> - Does the same as /msg

/helpop - Admin Help. Sends a message to all admins/moderators online to help with a problem or a bug you’ve noticed.


Locking to a Specific Channel


/gon - Locks you to Global chat. Default on logging in. Important if you accidentally locked yourself to another chat.

/lon - Locks you to local chat.

/won - Locks you to World chat.

/smon - Locks you to Senior Member chat.

SentinelCraft Sign Guide

Hi everyone!

In this guide, we will be teaching you how to make your own player-shops using signs.

Sell Signs

At our /shop, you will notice that there are [Buy] and [Sell] signs. These signs are exclusive to /shop and cannot be made by players. These signs are important, because they are a good way to sell your items to make money. However, not all items can be sold at /shop or even our other economy plugin /auctionhouse.

The most common type of player-shop is selling to other players using trade signs. This can be done either with in-game currency or with other items. Here's how you would setup one of these signs.


On the first line, you will need to type in [Trade]. This is all you need to do on the first line.


On this line, you will need to type in your asking price. Your asking price can either be in the form of in-game currency or other items. In example 1, I want to set my asking price at $100. To do this you will need to type in $100. In the second example, I want to set my asking price at 1 Diamond. Typing in 1 Diamond will set your asking price at 1 Diamond. You will also see that there is an additional colon the second line. There is no need to type this in as once you finish the sign, it will automatically appear. This tells you how much money is in the sign once someone has bought your items. This can be retrieved by right-clicking the sign.


This line is arguably the trickiest line to type in. It may seem intimidating on the surface, but it's much simpler than it seems. On this line you will need to type in the amount of items per transaction you are selling, as well as the supply of items you want in the sign. The way you would type this sign would be: {Amount per transaction}{item name}:{supply}. In this example, I want to sell an amount of 64 stone blocks with 320 blocks (5 stacks) stored inside the sign. It's important that when typing in the item you want to sell, that you have the correct item names or ItemDB for the sign. To check this, you can type in /itemdb while holding the item in your hand. This will give you a list of correct names to put on the sign.


You will leave this line blank and press Done! Below are your finished products.

In the first sign, I am selling 64 stone for $100 with 320 blocks in stock. In the second sign, I am selling 64 stone for 1 Diamond with 320 blocks in stock.

If your new found shop does well and you run out of blocks in the sign, you can add more into the sign by adding the item in to your hotbar. You CANNOT add items into the sign from your inventory, it must be in the hotbar.

Buying Items with Trade Signs

You can also buy items from player using trade signs. This is an effective way to receive items you need while you're offline. This is how you setup one of these signs.


On the first line, you will need to type in [Trade]. This is all you need to do on the first line.


This line is essentially inverted from sell sign. You will need to type in the correct ItemDB for the item you are buying. In this example below, I will be buying 1 gold block. Like the sell signs, an additional colon will appear in this example, but you don't need to type this in. The colon will indicate the amount of items that have been sold to you. To retrieve these items, you can right click on the sign.

gblock is one of many correct itemdb's for gold blocks.


For this line, you will need to type in the amount that you want to buy the item for as well as the money you want store in the sign. This is proper format: <Amount per transaction:Amount of money stored in the sign>. In this example, I want to set my buying price at $1000 and I want to store $7000 into the sign. Once the sign is created, the money will be directly taken from your account. It's important to supply enough money into the sign, because once all of the money stored is gone, money CANNOT be reloaded into the sign. This will force you to make a brand new sign.

Line 4:

Once again, you leave this line empty. Here's your finished product!

In this sign, I am buying 1 gold block for $1000 each, with $7000 stored in the sign.

Selling EXP with Trade Signs

With Trade signs, you can also sell your own EXP to other players! It's important to know how much EXP you have before you sell it. You can check your EXP levels by doing the /exp command. Once you know how many levels you have, you can move forward with selling your exp.


On the first line, you will need to type in [Trade]. This is all you need to do on the first line.


This line will be the asking price you want to sell your exp for. This is exact same scenario as if you were selling items to other players.


On this line, you will need to type in the amount of exp you want to sell as well as the amount you want to supply in the sign. To do this it's {Amount per transaction} exp:{Amount supplied}. In this example, I want to sell 1,395 EXP per transaction with 1,395 EXP stored into the sign.

1395 EXP is common with these signs, as it equates to 30 EXP levels.


As always, leave this empty. Here is the finished product!

In this sign, I am selling 1395 EXP for $100 each, with 1395 EXP stored into the sign.

The important thing to note is once you make this sign, you CANNOT reload the sign with more exp. You must make a brand new sign if you wish to reload more EXP.

Disposal Signs

With signs, you can craft your own [Disposal] signs. These signs allow you to dispose of any unwanted items. To make this, all you have to do is type [Disposal] on the first line of the sign and press Done. To use the sign, you can right click on the sign and it will allow you to place items within it. Once you close out of the sign, the items left in the sign will be disposed.

We hope you find this guide helpful!

SkyBlock and CaveBlock Guide



Starting with a small island floating in the void with only a few materials in a tree, you must learn to use and save your materials wisely! Each material provided to you has a purpose, by understanding the basics of minecraft you can complete challenges and expand your island. Handy commands, tips and tricks and frequently asked questions have been added to this guide!


CaveBlock is a new addition to SentinelCraft! Instead of an island in the sky, you will start off in an underground world with limited materials. Challenge yourself, build, destroy and fight your way out of this underground madness!

Getting Started with SkyBlock and CaveBlock!

Here is a quick setup guide that should contain everything you need to know about getting started with SkyBlock and CaveBlock. It will start with a list of commands for your reference. Whenever the world "/is" shows up, it can be replaced by /sb or /skyblock or /cb or /caveblock for SkyBlock and CaveBlock respectively.



  • /is - Island command.
  • /sb - SkyBlock command.
  • /cb - CaveBlock command.

For example: to reset your cave, the command would be /cb reset

General Commands:

SkyBlock CaveBlock Command Description
/is /cb The main cave/island command and will teleport you to your island.
/is /cb create {blueprint} Create a cave/island, using an optional blueprint. (requires permission)
/is /cb reset {blueprint} Restart your cave/island and remove the old one.
/is /cb sethome Set your home teleport point.
/is /cb challenges Opens the challenges GUI. This is the main way of progression.
/is /cb value Shows the value of any blocks.
/is /cb limits Shows the maximum amount of blocks/mobs of a certain type you can have on your island, as well as how many of those blocks/mobs you currently have.
/is /cb warp {player name} Warps to the player's warp sign on at this cave or island.
/is /cb warps Opens the warps panel, used to teleport to other peoples caves or islands.

Island/Cave Settings:

SkyBlock CaveBlock Command Description
/is /cb settings Displays a cave/island settings.
/is /cb setname {name} Set a name for your cave/island
/is /cb resetname Resets the name of your cave/island
/is /cb language {language} Selects a language for your ingame information.
/is /cb biomes Opens the biome change GUI.
/is /cb info {player name} Displays information about your cave/island or a player's cave/island if a name is provided within the command.
/is /cb controlpanel Opens the control panel which displays all the changable settings.

Managing Players:

SkyBlock CaveBlock Command Description
/is /cb team Manage your team on your cave/island (you must be the owner of the island.
/is /cb team invite {player name} Invites a player to your team.
/is /cb team accept Accepts a team invite.
/is /cb team trust {player name} Trusts someone to your cave/island.
/is /cb ban {player name} Bans a player from your cave/island, this stops them being able to teleport to your cave/island
/is /cb banlist Lists all the players which are banned from your cave/island
/is /cb unban {player name} Unbans a player from your island/cave and allows them to teleport to your island/cave again.
/is /cb expel {player name} Expels a player from your cave/island without banning them.
/is /cb near Shows the name of neighboring caves/islands around you.
/is /cb top Shows the top ten caves/islands based upon points accured through building.

Skyblock Getting Started & Pro-Tips:

First Steps:

  • Cut the tree down, make sure to save the saplings.
  • Use the iceblock and lava provided to make a cobble generator.
  • Plant more trees. While waiting for trees to grow obtain more cobble using your generator.
  • Complete challenges to recieve unique and otherwise unobtainable blocks.


  • Start off by building on the bedrock block that is found beneath your island, to avoid future obstructions. As this block cannot be moved.
  • Even though wood is easily accesible in the start of your skyblock journey, do not build your base out of this material. It can be easily be destroyed by mobs and ban weather.
  • Any passive mob needs skylight to spawn, if you have a large area of grass blocks you need to be atleast 27 blocks away for them to spawn.
  • Warped Nylium and Crimson Nylium, grow similar to grass blocks. All you need is some netherrack to spread block of these blocks.
  • When spawning on your island, make a convenient water source with the 2 ice blocks you get in your starter chest.
  • Best way to reach the bottom of your island is to make a water elevetor that falls down next to your island. Build a bottom layer under your island for maximum collection of all the blocks under your island.
  • Hunger is not all that important when you start out in SkyBlock, don't stress!

CaveBlock Getting Started & Pro-Tips:

First Steps:

  • Steal wood from the abondoned mine to make a pickaxe.
  • Mine cobble from the walls of the cave.
  • Plant trees to obtain more wood.
  • Complete challenges to receive unique and otherwise unobtainable blocks.

Additional Notes:

  • Your money and inventory in SkyBlock and CaveBlock are separate, and separate from the survival. The command /shop does not work. Instead, you can make your own shops with trade signs.
  • Remember you have limited resources in SkyBlock and CaveBlock, so sort out your renewables and your non-renewables early on.
  • Monsters spawn 24 blocks away in darkened areas. If your island is too small, you will not be able to get mobs drops.
  • Grass blocks are the only thing cows, sheep, pigs, and horses spawn on. Make sure to save at least one grass block if you want to have animals.
  • SkyBlock and CaveBlock is very involved and not for the fainthearted. Its best played with friends!

Challenges & Levels:

Challenges are created to get unique and valuable blocks. For example, the first one is obtaining a stack of cobblestone with the reward of 4 pieces of gravel and 50 level xp. Each block has a set level xp, the more valuable blocks give a higher xp gain.
The 10 players with the highest levels have the top islands, which can be seen by doing /is top or /cb top - for skyblock and caveblock respectively.


  • What is the goal of this gamemode?
    To finish all challenges and reach the top of the leaderboards. But most important thing is to have fun.

  • How do I get coal/lapis/iron/etc?
    You can get ores with challenges.

  • How much does this items cost?
    Skyblock/Caveblock has no server shop. Some players have shops. Use the relavent warp commands.

  • How do I reset/delete a profile?
    You can reset you island a maximum of 3 times.

  • Can I build a bridge to my neighbour?
    No you cannot, there is an area between islands where you cannot build.

  • What is my build range?
    256 x 256 blocks or 16 chunks by 16 chunks.

  • Are my items protected and can I loot my neighbours islands?
    The islands/caves are protected and cannot be griefed by outsiders. This is only possible if you changes these settings. You can give access to friends or teammates. This won't count as grief because you gave them access.

Towny Guide

Towny is a versatile, player-controlled land management plugin. Towny offers solutions for PvP, griefing, inflated economies and monsters to minecraft server admins. Towny allows players to work together and agaisnt each other as they see fit.

The Towny world is named Kattalox, and it costs $10,000 to create a town. However, make sure you have enough money for the daily upkeep and make sure to follow minecraft chunk borders while planning your town, If you do not have enough money to support town upkeep, the town will fall into ruins!

Abusing your powers can lead to punishment. Make sure to follow the rules.

Players are considered inactive after 30 days without joining the server. After this time, you are allowed to remove their build, permissions, and they will be auto kicked from the town. Make sure to visit their owned plot when this happens.

If you are an Assistant or Member and your Mayor went inactive for more than 30 days, you are able to request the Town leadership transfer to your name, if you have a legitimate reason. When a mayor goes inactive, the mayorship gets automatically transferred to another town member or assistant, so make sure to do this request as soon as possible.

If you need help checking where your town is, you can use dynmap. The marked area is teal with a gold border.


Command Description
/towny Shows basic towny commands.
/towny prices Shows taxes & costs associated with running a town.
/towny map Shows the towny map.
/map Shows link to dynmap for better view of town borders.



/plot Shows the all plot commands.
/plot claim Resident command to claim a plot with is for sale in their town.
/plot unclaim Resident command to unclaim a plot which they own.
/plot set perm {name} Give access to another player {on/off}.



/resident or /res Shows a player their resident screen.
/resident ? Shows all the resident commands available.
/resident friend add/remove {name} Adds an online player to their friends list.
/resident toggle plotborder Turns on smokey plot-border view. Border shows when the player crosses the different townblocks.



/town or /t Shows a player their town's town screen.
/town ? Shows all available town commands.
/town leave Leaves a town.
/town list Lists all towns
/town new {town name} Creates a new town. You must do this in the Kattalox world.
/town set tag {upto4characters} Sets a town tag.
/town add {name} Mayor command to add invite residents to your town.
/town kick {name} Mayor command to remove residents from your town.
/town spawn Teleports you to your towns spawn point.
/town spawn {town name} Teleports you to the names town spawn point, if their town spawn is open to teleportation.
/town claim Mayor command to claim the townblock in which you stand for your town.
/town unclaim Mayor command to unclaim the townblock in which you stand.
/town withdraw {amount} Mayor Command which withdraws money from the town bank.
/town deposit {amount} Withdraws money from your balance and places it within the town bank. To keep your town up you need to add money.
/town delete Deletes the town!
/town set homeblock Sets the homeblocks and the spawn for your town.
/town set spawn Sets the town spawn, must be done insdie the homeblock.
/town join {town name} Command to join an open town, a town which does not require an invite.
/invite agree Accepts a town invite and joins the town.
/town set taxes Sets taxes collected from each resident each day.
/town set plottax Sets taxes collected from each resident for each plot they own.
/town set shoptax Sets taxes collected from each resident for each shop plot they own.
/town set embassytax Sets taxes collected from each resident for each embassy plot they own.



/nation or /n Shows a player their nation's nation screen
/nation ? Shows all nation commands
/nation new {name} Mayor command to create a new nation
/nation add {town} Invites/adds a town to your nation.
/nation set tag {upto4characters} Sets the nation's tag.


For additional commands see: 

Town Ranks:

After years of trying to add towny ranks, they're finally working! Woohoo!

We tried to make a list of the ranks that are most useful and have been asked for a while, you can use these ranks with the commands /t rank add and /n rank add.

The rank helper was removed from both town and nation due to it being negligible.

Towny Ranks:

  • Co-Mayor:
    This person will be capable of doing pretty much everything the mayor can. Only give this rank to people you absolutely trust!
    • Has all previous assistant permisions.
    • Can kick members, can withdraw from the bank, can give all ranks below, can set tag, etc.

  • Assistant:
    This is the previous assistant rank but nerfed, some people want someone that helps run the town without giving them their town bank or other such permissions.
    • No longer capable of withdrawing from the bank.
    • No longer toggles public status.
    • Can choose who to put as a VIP.
    • No longer claims town plots.

  • Landlord:
    This rank will be able to manage town plots, ssomeone that will take care of selling your plots for you. Has access to:
    • Exempt from tax.
    • Can reclaim plots from players for the town.
    • Toggle permissions and plot settings on any plot in the town.
    • Put plots up for sale and take them down again.

  • Archirect:
    This is the builder rank of the town:
    • Can build, destroy and use switches all over the town.

  • Recruiter:
    This person will be able to add people to the town
    • Can use /town invite.
    • Exempt from taxes.

  • VIP:
    • Exempt from taxes.

  • Sheriff:
    This already existed, this person can jail and outlaw people from the town.
    • Now has access to /town outlaw add {name}

In-Depth Player Statistics

We have implemented new in-depth player statisitcs with a standalone website. This will allow you to track multiple things about your activity on the server and give you a greaterr understanding on how you play!

Key Information:

  • You can only see the statistics about youself and not other players.
  • To see your statistics you have to link your username and website longin together.
  • Statisitcs only started when it was implemented on the 15th of November 2021, there is no information above this date.
  • Network Overview is not available to anyone below Admin due to the sensitive nature of some of the statistics held. This is used to see the trajectory of the server and player retention.


Getting Started:

In-game, run the command /plan register. You need to be at least a member to register. This will give you a link tyo click on. Depending on your browser it may say the connection is unsafe, be we are hosting the website on the same dedicated machine as the server and not trying to steal your data, it is safe to proceed.

After this point, it should give you a webpage which looks like the following:

Use the same username as you do in the server and make up a password, preferably one different from one used on other sites. Once you have provided this information ,it should now give you the following popup on the page:

Copy the first command it gives you, and run it in-game and you should get the following message in game:

You have now successfully linked your in-game account to the statistics website!

If you ever forget your password to your account, we as staff do not have access to that. You must reset it following these steps:

  1. Login into the Minecraft server as you normally would. Once online and connected, you'll need to run the /plan unregister command.
  2. It will ask you to confirm ou wish to unregister your linked accounts. Click the green arros to confirm. Once unregistered, follow the previous steps to re-regsiter, using the same name as you in-game account.

Viewing Your Statistics

There are two ways in which you can view your statistics either through the in-game commands or through the website:

In-game: You can view basic statistics in-game using /plan ingame, it shall look like the following:

On the website: To view more in-depth statistics about yourself, you can use /plan player ingame. It should give you a link to follow the statistics website. Use the username and password you entered earlier to link your account to login.

Once you have logged in you should see a page that would look something like this:

There is a lot of information displayed on this page, take your time with reading this page. One the left hand side, there are further pages to dive deeper into your statistics.


This tab allows you to search through and see which days you have been online and for how long you have been online!

PvP & PvE

This tab allows you to see information about your player deaths and player kills, also gives in-depth information

Server Overview

This tab allows you to see information about which servers you have played on the most and even for how long.


Under this tab there is a lot of data for each of the servers! A lot of this data is personal and specific and why there is no screenshot of this. Take your time to look through all of this as it does make for some really interesting reading!

Guide to Global Market Chest

You may or may not have used Auction House for most of your buying and selling to other players, but we have entered a new era; it's time to adjust to Global Market Chest. As we move to BungeeCord, we have compiled a guide for you to adjust to this new system; we're sure that, given enough time, you'll grow to love this new interface and everything it offers!


How do I use the Global Market Chest plugin?

You can access the Global Market Chest interface by typing /ah or /auction. This is what the Global Market Chest interface looks like:

How do I create an auction/how do I sell an item?

Drop the item you'd like to sell in the white glass pane. You can adjust the quantity by doing one of the following things;

  • Pressing the left orange glass pane, this will allow you to add a full stack of the item.
  • Pressing the right orange glass pane, this will allow you to sell all the stacks in your inventory of the same item and quantity.
  • Pressing the purple glass pane, this allows you to sell +1 stack of the same item and quantity
  • Pressing the blue glass pane, this allows you to remove 1 stack from being sold of the item at the same quantity that you initally specified, without changing the price.

Use this for repeatable auctions. For example: when you have a stack of ingots, but only want to sell 1 at a time, this will setup 64 sparate auctions for you.

One you have added the right quantity, press the nether star at the bottom right to continue to the pricing page.

How do I set the price for my auction?

By pressing on the ores and ore blocks, you can set the value of yout item. The upper row is to add values, the lower row is to subtract values. Quick Mafs!

In the bottom centre of the page, there is a name tag that suggests a price for the item based on recent sales. Cliucking it will set it to that value. You'll never have to keep guessing again!

How do I purchange items using Global Market Chest?

Amongst the different categories of items available to buy at the auction house, you can enter a category by clicking it. Then you can go ahead and find the item of interest and click it.

You should get a menu asknig you to confirm the purchase. By clicking the item in the middle of the panes, you will have bought the item. You can also click the arrow on the top left to go back to the previous page.

One of your desired items might be a shulker box containing multiple items (e.g. potions). GMC helps you with purchasing shulker boxes too.

Here you can see that a player wants to purchase a shulker box. Aside from the option that you might have to buy the shulker, you can also check for its contents by clicking the shulker shell beside this.

When you do this, you will be shown an interface that lets you view what is inside the shulker you are buying. This is useful for making sure you are getting what you asked for.

How do I search for items using GMC?

Can't find the item you want? You can use the search option! After accessing GMC using /ah, you can click on the hopper at the top left to search for your desired item.

You have 3 options to do so, either searching for a similar item by pressing the grass block or searching for the item by its name by pressing the paper, or searching a player name to check what items they are selling by pressing the player head. 

Auctions in the last 24 hours

Clicking on the clock at the top left, allows you to check the auctions made in the last 24 hours.

How do I view my auction history?

By clicking on the enchanted book in the bottom left, you could see your auction history.

Here you could check your auctions that are in progress, expired, sold, bought, and canceled.

You could undo every auction you have by pressing the red wool and renew any expired items (shown in the expired items section) using the orange wool.


Hopefully, this guide gives you a full scope of how to use the Global Market Chest. We know that adjusting to a new system can seem daunting at first, but this guide should give you the A-Z of how to navigate this menu, and how to buy and sell your items!


Happy auctioning!



Grief Prevention Tutorial

Tutorial video:

Step 1: Claim your area

First thing we got to do, is to take out your golden shove. With that, right click one corner of your base (shows a diamond blocks marking it), then move to opposite corner and right click again. This claims the area. You should end up with glowstone and gold blocks marking your area. The first chest you place in Horizon will give you can automatic claim around the chest.

If the area you setup is too small or too big, you can right clock on any of the corners to resize it. This only works for rectangular shapes. You can also click next to it, and move o the next area, to make the protection a different rectangular shape.

Step 2: Use subdivisions

If you don't want everyone to be able to edit it freely and only want them to make builds in specific areas, you can use subdivisions. To use them, you need to change the golden shovel mode. To change it to that mode, use the command /subdivideclaims.

Now in your claimed area, right click on the corner of your subdivision and then go to the opposite corner and right click again. Subdivisions show up with iron instead of gold.

Step 3: Give permissions for friends

Now that you have the subdivisions made, you need them to be able to build there. For that, you can use the trust commands individually in each subdivision. When you know who will build in the area, you'll have to setpup their permissions:

  • Do you want them to build, destroy, etc? -> Use: /trust {player}
  • Do you want them to only open chest, door, farm crops, etc? -> Use: /containertrust {player}
  • Do you want them to only use the doors and switches? -> Use: /accesstrust {player}
  • Do you want them to del with all permissions said above? -> Use: /permissiontrust {player}

Make sure to do them inside the subdivision. Otherwsie the person you are giving the permissions will have them everywhere in your claim.

Step 4: Remove permissions or subdivisions

You can remove permissions from a subdivision. Sometimes they have given others permissions to build there. So when you want to kick a player from your area, use /untrust all. This will remove the permissions of everyone in that subdivision.

To remove a subdivision, stand inside the subdivision, and type /abandonclaim. Make sure you stand in the subdivision, or else you delete the enture protection.

Step 5: Maintenance of claims

Abusing your powers can lead to punishment. Make sure to follow the rules.

Players are considered inactive after 30 days without joining the server. If you are a trusted player on an inactive players' claim, you are able to request claim leadership transfer to your name, if you have a legitimate reason (you have 60 days). However, if someone goes inactive for 90 days, the entire claim might get restored to nature. So make sure to request this in time.

If you need help checking where you claim is you can use dynmap. The marked area is teal with a gold border.

Quick Command Reference

Command Description Alias
/trust {player} Gives another player permission to edit in your claim. /t
/accesstrust {player} Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, and beds.


/containertrust {player} Gives a player permission to usse your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals. /ct
/permissiontrust {player} Grants a player permission to share their permission level with others. /pt
/trustlist Lists the permissions for the claim you're standing in.  
/untrust {player} Revokes any permissions granted to a player in your claim. /ut
/untrust all Revoked any permissions granted to all players in you claim /ut
/subdivideclaims Switches your shovel to subdivision mode, so you can subdivide your claims. /sc
/basicclaims Puts your shovel back in basic claims mode. /bc
/abandonclaim Deleted the claim you're standing in.  
/claimlist List a player's claims and claimblock details  



Keep Your House Safe!

Minigames Guides!
Paintball, Spleef, PvP Arena and Parkour!

How do you get to the lobby?

Use /minigames/mg or /Olympia.

Paintball (2-10 players):

/pb join train -- Join Paintball arena train.
/pb join portal -- Join Paintball arena portal.
/pb leave -- Leave any arena.
/pb shop -- Buy perks and hats from the paintball shop.

Spleef (2+ players):

/spleef join Biomes -- Join Spleef arena Biomes.
/spleef leave -- Leave spleef arena.
/spleef spectate -- Spectate arena.

PvP Arena (2+ Players):

/col join -- Join arena: Colosseum.
/pvparena leave -- Leave arena: Colosseum.
/ww join -- Join random team of arena WildWest.
/ww join red -- Join team red of arena WildWest.
/ww join blue -- Join team blue of arena WildWest.
/pvparena leave -- Leave arena: WildWest.

Note: Once inside an arena, punch signs to pick a class!


/pa join parkour1 -- Join Parkour Map 1.
/pa join parkour2 (SM+ EXCLUSIVE!) -- Join Parkour Map 2.
/pa join parkour3 (New Map!) -- Join Parkour Map 3.
/pkreward{n} -- Only use in survival mode, replace n with checkpoint value i.e /pkreward1! One time only, make sure your inventory has room!
/pa leave -- Exit the parkour. IMPORTANT! Run this command before you exit the server or exit the game otherwise your parkour progress may not save.

Shift-Right clicking items in your inventory will execute certain events:

Arrow: Return to checkpoint.
Bone: Toggle player visibility if they are bothering you.
Sapling: Leave the course.
Stick: Resets course, use with caution; you will lose your checkpoints.

Minigames Guides!
Chat and Channel Guide!


To start, a player creates a clan with /clan create [ClanName] [ClanTag] and becomes the clan leader. They can then invite players as part of the clan with /clan invite [Player] and either be accepted or rejected by the invited player using /clan join [ClanName] or /clan decline [ClanName].

To chat with other clan members, type in /clan chat [Message] or /cc [Message], or /clan toggle to directly send messages without the need to enter commands.

Note that McMMO Party is now replaced with the Party & Friends plugin, and that the party created will be deleted once one member is left after everyone else logs out.

Below are the commands for clans and their functions:

/clans - Shows all the commands for clans
/clan create [ClanName] [ClanTag]  - Creates a new clan
/clan name <New name of the clan> - Sets a new name for your clan
/clan tag [New clan Tag] - Sets the clan tag
/clan delete - Deletes the clan
/clan invite [Player] - Invites a player into your clan
/clan kick [Player] - Kicks a player from your clan
/clan leader [Player] - Makes a new player to the leader
/clan join [ClanName] - To join an existing clan
/clan decline [ClanName] - To decline a clan invitation
/clan leave - Leaves the clan you are in
/clan party - Invites all clan members into a party
/clan toggle - Toggles if you msg directly into the clan chat
/clan chat [Message] - Communication between clan members
/clan get [Player] - Outputs the clan where the given player is in
/clan list <Clan> - Lists the players who are in your/the given clan
/clan stats <Clan> <Stat> - Outputs the stats of your/the given clan
/clan setcolor [Color] - Set the color of your clan
/clan rmcolor - Removes the color or your clan
/clan settings - Outputs the settings interface for clans

Note that clan chat and the towny plugins are two very different things. Towny and towny commands do not require clans to be made in order to function. Clan chat was introduced to fill the void left by removing town and nation chats.

It is up to you if you want to create a clan, but doing so will not affect how towny works, and it is not a must. It is simply there if you want a town chat or nation chat supplement, or rather a chat available to you and friends that you regularly play with on the server.


Below are the friends plugin commands and the functions of each.

/friend add [Name of player] - Add a friend
/friend accept [Name of player] - Accepts a friend request
/friend deny [Name of player] - Denies a friend request
/friend remove [Name of friend] - Removes a friend
/friend list - Shows a list of all your friends
/friend listrequests - Shows a list of your existing friend requests
/friend block [Name of player] - Blocks a player
/friend unblock [Name of player] - Unblocks a player
/friend blocklist - Shows a list of blocked players
/friend settings - Change friends settings


Below are the commands for party.

/party join [Name of Party Leader] - Joins an existing party
/party leave - Leave the existing party you're in
/party invite [Name of Player] - Invite a player to your party
/party leader [Name of Player] - Makes a member of your party the leader   
/partychat [Message] or /p [Message] - To communicate between party members