Lore of Origin

Sentinel Lore

Previously, on Origin-

Growing impatient, the Mad Professor, thought they may be able to recreate the dragon egg with what materials we Sentinel gathered. During the process, something went wrong... the lack of certain rate materials left the production unstable.

The newly made "Dragon Egg" started to tear the world apart, ripping a hole in reality. The Origin that we Sentinels had been cultivating was going to fade away. Those more sentimental took what time remained to look back on what we had made together to say goodbye. Soon we found ourselves in a new world. This world, created by the Warped Dragon Egg, felt lacking. The world was small, reaching the edge would send you to the other end of the world, looping on itself. The Scientist felt guilty for their mistake that they had caused. They fell to a deeper Madness, delving into DARK Arts...

The Scientist began working with Illagers in their mansion, sacrificing the few villagers in this world, to try and bring the old world back. The new world began to revolt, sealing off the Nether and End, making monsters stronger and more numerous.

The Sentinels wish to create a new Origin. We must now build a spawn with beautiful roads that will connect all our community together in harmony. In strengthening the community, so too shall we strengthen the world, expanding it and unlocking lost dimensions.