Dimension Season 2: Towny Siege Wars!

Dimension Season 2: Towny Siege Wars!


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March 2, 2023 at 12:17 PM

Dimension Season 2: Towny Siege Wars!

It's time for the long awaited Towny Siege wars! Be prepared to fight your friends and rule over the continental map! Join the fun on Saturday at 4 PM GMT / 12 AM GMT+8 / 10 AM CT (GMT -6). It will last until the week of prom.

Gamemode Details:

This gamemode will include multiple plugins that are themed around Towny, we highly suggest reading the user manuals on each ones as they are quick and explain the gist of what you'll be doing!In brief: You'll be given a period of 3 days after you make your town of full immunity to all invasions. Make full use of this period to plan your town an suit up! Once your grace period is over you are open to attacks and invasion from other nations. A siege is laid by placing a banner at your door step, the enemy has to score a certain amount of points for your siege to start. During the period of a siege you'll fight your opponent's military, any non-military members participating in the war will automatically receive debuffs. You have to score points and the winner is whoever has the most points. You obviously get more points the more opponents you kill. You are able to surrender or abandon a siege after a set amount of time (24 hours). You'll receive immunity that is half the time that the siege lasted. The duration of a siege holdout is 48 hours.
While everything is taking place you will also affected by what type of armor your are wearing and certain blocks that you are using. You'll receive an effect called encumbrance which slows you down and take damage if you jump around alot.

Once you've gotten over 16 plots claimed, you will be able to pay a certain amount of money (250$ for the first level) to survey and collect resources each day to which your nation (or occupying nation) has a 25% claim of it. You can collect these resources and use or sell them.

The goal at the end of the season is to come out on top in the nation list by occupying towns - owning resources and having gains during invasion. We'll detail more on how these will be accounted for each after a few weeks into the season. It is hard to set parameters early on until we see how the real deal plays out! Occupying towns will still have the most weight in the ranking of nations.

Rules, guidelines and limitations:

- Evading PvP, Spawn Killing and Repeat Killing will result in some form of punishment. Be fair to your opponents and just don't abuse the PvP. It's not going to be fun when people leave because person A or B is constantly killing them with no gear on.
- Griefing in towns and surrounding towns is not allowed and is not enabled in the config.
- For this season, we will stick to semi-automation. Automation won't be allowed like previous season as you'll still be generating passive resources through towny resources.
- You'll be allowed 3 residents per town and 2 towns per nation. Occupied towns do not count towards this limitation. We might look at upping it to 3 towns per nation, we felt the need to limit to this to not have people all congregate in one nation and to keep the roleplay and wars alive enough through having multiple nations exist at once!
- You'll be allowed to buy some towny bonus blocks to circumvent the lack of residents, a resident will give you 16 plots instead of 8 (how we have it in current towny). You'll also be able to buy one outpost.
- You are allowed to ally with one other nation, you can however become enemies at any given time.
- There is a minimum distance between home blocks - about 16 chunks so you cannot all huddle up in the same place.
- You'll be allowed to random teleport for the first week through /cmi rt. After the first week, enjoy horse riding and riding boats to reach other places.
- Mid-Season timers and durations may change to promote more activity and wars.
- Win-Trading, Immunity-Trading etc.. won't be tolerated and your nation or town will receive penalties accordingly! Play by the game!
- PvP will be enabled everywhere.

Useful Commands

Carefully read through the guides on the above section so that you can understand all of what's going to happen! We are not an encyclopedia it is best to invest 5 minutes to understand the war mechanic.
Towny commands: Link to our own guide for towny!
/sw guide : In-game guide to siegewars.
/sw : displays a full list of siegewars commands.
/tr survey: Survey for a new level of the resources.
/tr towncollect: Collect your resources from the new day.
/cmi sell or /sell: To sell items in your inventory or hand.
/cmi rt or /rtp : To teleport to a random location between 300 and 1000 blocks from spawn.
All forms of trading will happen in-game.


We are looking to find more unique rewards to players who come out on top of the season! We will likely keep it something that has yet to be seen on the server! However the distribution of the rewards will be as follows:
  • Only capital city town mayors of a nation will be rewarded unique rewards.
  • All members will be rewarded any secondary award i.e care packages for next season.
We are trying our best to come up with better ways to reward your participation on each season, hugs are not enough :(
Additionally! We will be rewarding the prettiest town 32 towny blocks in Towny! So if you're not into being at war you can still win something by representing your town in dimension!
We did not want to go overboard with plugins this season and hope that the selection is appealing enough! Stay tuned for all updates on dimension and the whole server on our discord!

--Sentinelcraft Staff

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March 4, 2023 at 1:18 PM

TLDR; Of the Siege Wars!

So here you are trying to wrap your head around the guides and are getting overwhelmed so here is a TLDR; of what you should know when starting out siege wars. This is by no means a replacement to the guides but just something to ease you into the first week of the season!

Starting out

When starting out you'll be around the spawn area. You'll be allowed to use random teleport through /cmi rt or/rtp within a radius of 1000 blocks to get away from other players. The map is a geographic map of the IRL world so you can travel a few ways to reach where you want to start, maybe Antartica! Gather some resources, gear up and be prepared because PvP will be enabled! To start a town you need to make $250. You can make money same as you did the previous season by using /sell. To become a powerful town you should make allies with at least 2 other people and join a nation that will contain another town!
You'll be immune to any sieging during the first 3 days of making your town. During that time you should be making yourself a nice set of armors, replacement gears and plenty of food! Building walls is recommended.

Starting a Siege

To start a siege you need to first make a siege-assembly: You are assembling your siege. You require a non-white banner that you place outside the town you wish to attack. You collect points to attack the town by standing by the banner, you need to reach 50 points within 10 minutes. If members of the town you're attacking are online they can retaliate and cause your assembly to fail. If it fails you'll have to wait another 2 hours! Make sure you have $20/plot of the the town you're attacking so you can afford the costs of war!
For you to gain points for your nation you need members that have military ranks as mentionned in the changelogs.
Once the siege begins a siege zone is created and certain actions will not be able to be performed within it. You'll lose or gain points based on PvP and control of the siege banner. Every time someone controls the banner that side's points are doubled. You have 48 hours to win a siege or 12 hours to surrender or abandon it. You'll gain immunity that is the duration x2 against all incoming sieges.


Once a war is won or someone surrenders, the town will go under the occupation of the nation. They'll be able to take some of your towny resources (25%) and they can even plunder you for $40/plot you own if they want to do so by placing a chest outside.
If you become a neutral town you'll go under peaceful occupation by the nation with the most towny influence in the surrounding 1200 towny blocks.
If you just have been invaded you have the option to revolt after a certain amount of time. Or your original nation may liberate you with a liberation siege.

Towny Combat and Resources

Each level of Towny resources gives you access to certain random blocks that you can survey every new day of towny. There's some luck to it. Your nation has a right to 25% of your resources and the nation leader can collect it every towny new day.
For Towny Combat it is made to make some of the combat more roleplay fitting. You'll be encumbered by your gear (Lower speed, take damage from jumping too much). And you'll be able to go on the battlefield as a horseman (Immune to bows but not crossbows) or spearmen etc. You won't be able to craft a wooden or stone sword but you can craft 2 new weapons that resemble them.

Hope this sums up some of the things to expect! Make sure to read guides that are in the post above and get a better grasp on the plugins!

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March 15, 2023 at 11:55 AM

Towny Wars Update & Clarifications

Hey! We’ve been keeping a close watch as to how the season is unfolding and we’ve decided to implement a few key changes because we’ve assessed that they’re necessary. We have the best intentions in mind for a good balance this season and hope these changes are a step in the right direction for a healthy gameplay.

Regarding some rules and common questions:

The theme of this gamemode is purely PvP. So with that, it does come with some concerns regarding which rules to follow and which to not. As stated prior, we don’t condone things such as spawn killing and repeat killing so as to not promote toxic and disruptive behavior. We do however still allow for getting items through fair PvP. What drops is yours. If someone kills you in a 3v1 etc.. It still counts as fair PvP. Unfair PvP is defined by PvP that is done while breaking the rules.
PvP Logging is not allowed. (Logging out in fear of dying in PvP).
If you are being sieged and you decide to delete your town, this is not in the spirit of the gamemode and you’ll be subject to sanction on your new town which will likely be forceful occupation under the previous attacker. Any incident that happened prior to this post won’t be sanctioned because we did not clarify this before.

Regarding chat behavior:

A little banter never killed anybody, we understand it’s only normal to have feuds and clashes on this gamemode. It’s also completely normal to be upset at someone sieging you and disrupting your playtime, we do however wish you’d remember that our server chat rules still apply and we expect a level of maturity and good sportsmanship. This game mode is not an excuse to go around and be toxic, if you do act in such a way to break chatting rules you’ll be subject to proper punishment.

Regarding Siege timers:

After further evaluation the siege timers will be changed accordingly:
  • Siege start days will be limited to Friday to Sunday (3 days). Meaning you will be in a peaceful state 4 days of the week to recuperate, plan and defend your bases.
  • Abandoning and Surrendering a siege will be possible after 3 hours instead of 12 hours.
  • The revolt timer has been reduced from 0.75 to 0.5 so you can revolt after 0.5 x The time your siege lasted.
We decided these settings should help players that are not online as often or are very busy on the weekdays to partake in defending or attacking other nations. This is also to prevent players that have more free time to overtake the game mode entirely.
You can still freely fight, murder or banter with whoever you want during the grace period.
Abusing these new timers will lead to sanctions to your town.
If a siege starts on a sunday you will have to defend it after 48 hours (Up to tuesday), so you still have from Tuesday to Friday to prepare your counter-attacks or new attacks.

Regarding winners:

The winners will be determined by the number of towns that you’ve occupied (not part of your nation) alongside a couple of other metrics. With the town per nation limiter off the winners of the event will only be the capital cities of a nation. So being a part of a winning nation will not give you any reward at the end of the season. This is to encourage players to make their own towns and nations. You can still be part of other nations and assist them in their win; you just won’t reap any benefit other than being protected by the nation.

If no more than 5 nations (6+ minimum) participate we will only be rewarding the top 2 nations.

Regarding some numbers:

Outpost cost will be raised to $1500 from $500.
Cost of attacking a town is going to become $30/plot. Plundering will still yield $40/plot.
Reversing a banner control has been set from x2 to x3 point gain. (You gain x3 the point you normally would if you reverse banner control.)

-- Sentinelcraft Admins.
Senior Admin

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March 25, 2023 at 4:05 PM
My fellow SentinelCrafters,

For too long, the Roman Empire has held innocent players under their boots. They siege who they like with impunity, and rule with an iron fist. They sally out of their underground holes in Italy to terrorize innocent players, and assassinate whoever they wish. No more. I say it is time to put an end to their foolish games, their aggression, and their hold over sovereign cities. I say it is time to stand up! Time to rise against oppression! Time for battle!

Roman Empire, if it is war you want, then it will be war you have. Surrender your holds over occupied towns peacefully, and this will be a smooth process.
Until then, this is a formal declaration of War.

-MHGUforPresident, Leader of the Newport Empire & Affiliates

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March 25, 2023 at 6:49 PM
Spoiler: Didnt end how Newport wanted

ignorance is bliss


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March 27, 2023 at 8:05 PM
As an admin who is not invested in playing dimension compared to some senior staff who are leading their own nations. To ensure a level of fairness for all, these changes have been looked at by myself with limited input from other senior staff so everyone is on an equal footing in Dimension

Current Changes:

As towns have gotten bigger and their infrastructure has grown more efficient, towns and nations across the land have found new ways to claim additional land in their name. Making outposts much more viable across the world for geopolitical control of spawn points and resource flow!
Chunks per resident have changed from 16 to 28 - a increase of 75%
Bonus Chunks from NAtions have increased by around 50%
Outpost cooldown time has reduced from 3600 seconds to 60 seconds
Outpost cost stays at $1500 (for now, will be reviewed going forward, best make use of this low price now before any potential price hike!)

Additional changes have been made to promote differences between town members, nation members, allied nation members and unaffiliated towns/nations to really promote more diplomacy and geopolitical control as an aspect of nation building

Nation member spawn cooldown from 60 seconds to 300 seconds
Nation ally town spawn cooldown from 60 seconds to 600 seconds
Unaffiliated town spawn cooldown from 60 seconds to 1800 seconds.

I will be reviewing how towns grow, how they are engaging with the game mode to see what further changes would need to be made, such as a potential way to reach the end (full clarity this for now is awhile off), or looking at ways to help promote building within towns for additional infrastructure.

Hopefully you can understand these changes and see that we are looking at ways to make the gamemode more interesting and engaging for all
-- SentinelCraft Staff

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May 11, 2023 at 1:30 PM

Dimension Season 2 will be ending on May 20th!

If you'd like your town to be considered for the aesthetic award (+30 towny chunks), please reply under this message with your town name.
Senior Admin

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May 11, 2023 at 2:04 PM

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May 11, 2023 at 7:04 PM
im very proud of the shit spawn i built in italy

ignorance is bliss


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May 11, 2023 at 9:11 PM

Papercut: A tree’s final moment of revenge.

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May 19, 2023 at 12:49 PM
I'm putting up new port even though we did not finish it.

Also last chance to submit your town! Judging of the towns will be done by non-participant judges.

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May 19, 2023 at 1:26 PM
Putting up Aurora eventhough it's unfinished and ugly :"). It kinda does fit the theme of 'war' I guess..?

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May 28, 2023 at 10:42 AM

Dimension Season 2 Winners!

Thank you everyone who participated in the second season! We hope you liked it and we will work on providing better experiences in the future seasons!
Without further ado, here are the Season 2 of Towny Wars!

First Place Tie (With the same number of towns under their control and both willing to share crown): Aurora (King Fjerreiro, Elisthetic and CalvinPigeon) & Italy (Maesta SweatyKido1, Baked_Tater and trentalicous69)

They will be rewarded with: A care package at the start of next season.
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The joint first-place winners will receive a unique trophy with lore to commemorate their superior drive to empire building to bring others under their control. Congratulations to the participants and make sure you participate in the next seasons to also earn some awesome rewards!

Our next dimension season is still being decided, please watch this space to see what wacky idea we bring forward next.

Make sure to continue suggesting how we can do things better for dimension and all different worlds!

-- Sentinelcraft Staff

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May 29, 2023 at 7:12 PM
Thank you to all who spend many hours creating beautiful towns! This was indeed not the easy task of building a town. Without wasting any more time the scores are in for the prettiest town and they are as follows:

In First place is New Portlandia ( AceAlmighty16, Bugsy12 and Quazymoodo) with 12.5 points.

They will be rewarded with:
32 towny chunks that can be used in Kattalox as a collective prize that the mayor of New Portlandia can choose what town they want to give it to.

Our other ranks of towns are:
Second Place: Italy 10 points
Third Place: Newport 9.5 points
Fourth Place: Aurora 7 points
Fifth Place: Soviet Onion 5.5 points
Our next dimension season is still being decided, please watch this space to see what wacky idea we bring forward next.

Make sure to continue suggesting how we can do things better for dimensions and all different worlds
Have a good and fun day playing SentinelCraft :)