Auction House Guide


Welcome to SentinelCraft!

If you just joined our community and you need some guidance on how to start playing our server, you came to the right place.
First of all, if you joined for the first time, after logging in into the server, you will have to do /register <password> <password> then /login<password>. After the first join, you will only need to keep using /login <password>

Also on the first login, We want to make sure everyone has knowledge of the rules. So you will have to read all rules, which can be found by our Rule's holder NPC in spawn. Right-clicking on the NPC, it will give you our general rules. You will auto-join the server as a member but do make the time to read the rules or ask staff about any unclear information about the rules to avoid any unwanted punishments.

After you successfully done all of it, You will see that spawn is protected from building to prevent griefing. To be able to build your house, you will need to warp into the wilderness. You can also do /rtp which will randomly teleport you in the world. Do try to build away from others! Be a good neighbour!

To help you in your gameplay, we have also implemented some useful commands. Below is a list of some of the basic ones, and you can always go to the tutorial room by typing /tutorial to check out the rest of them. You can also check the list of our other guides by doing /guides.

List of commands:

   - /sethome <name> --> Sets home at your current location.
   - /home <name> --> Teleports you to that home.
   - /edithome <name> --> Edit a home.
   - /edithome <name> privacy <public/private> --> Edits the home's privacy setting.
   - /phomelist  --> See a list of public homes.
   - /spawn --> Teleports you to the world spawn, at the starter island.
   - /list --> Shows you list of online players.
   - /shop --> Teleports you to the server shop where you can buy and sell materials and/or items.
   - /balance/bal or /money --> Shows your money in-game. Can also show you another players money if you use /balance <player>
   - /joindate <username> --> It shows the registration date of that player on the server.
   - /sentinel --> Shows a quick list of useful commands in-game.
   - /helpop <message> --> Send a message for only staff members.
   - /co i --> Toggle the inspector to know who placed a block. Left click to get the data on the current block, and right click for the block on-top of it. 
   - /starter --> Gives you a general guide on how to start your adventure on the server.
   - /claimsguide --> Gives you a general guide about the Claim plugin.
   - /townguide --> Gives you a general guide about the Town plugin.
   - /protectionguide --> Gives you a general guide about the Belongings' protection plugin.
   - /donatorguide --> Gives you a general guide on how to donate to the server.
   - /auction --> Brings up the auction interface.
   - /auctionguide --> Gives you a guide about the auction plugin.
   - /shopguide --> Gives you a guide about how to make and use Chest shop in SentinelCraft.

If you're playing with a friend or want to play with someone in-game, these are some commands that might interest you:

   - /tpa <player> --> Sends teleport request to teleport you to that player.
   - /tpahere <player> --> Sends teleport request to teleport them to you.
   - /tpaccept or /tpdeny --> Accept or deny the requests listed above.
   - /msg <player> <message> Talk privately with your friend.
   - /r  --> Reply to the last person who messaged you.
   - /ignore <player> --> Ignores that player's private messages.
   - /voteshop  --> Opens up the vote shop. Discontinued until a later date.

Making Money:

If you want to make money in-game, there are many ways of doing so.
   - The first and most common way is by going to the shop /shop and selling stuff by right-clicking signs that say [Sell]
   - You can also /vote and get 100$ and 10 tokens each time you vote on a link. There are five links you can vote on every 24 hours. So you can earn 500$ and 50 tokens a day.
   - Some towns/players have shops where you can sell items in order to make money. You can also make your own shop.
   - /Auction is also a great way to earn money.
   - If you cannot wait to have money you can also /donate and receive up to 250000$ in-game cash, along with quite a few other perks.

General Gameplay:

This is a primarily survival server, that means this is a server that plays along the same line as single-player mode survival in vanilla Minecraft. No one in the game is granted creative except for the owner.

Your first task in starting out here is to find a place to build. You should check /map and find a nice location to settle. Once you have that you can set up shop and start building. You can harvest and sell wood logs, ores, and farmed goods to the shop to make some money.

This is only a starter guide into our server, as you can imagine there are a lot more commands that can be used. If you need any help with the more advanced commands we recommend asking other players or staff members for help. If you still have any doubts, more questions or even have any suggestions to help our server get better, you can go to our forums and post a topic about it.

We hope you enjoy your stay,

-- SentinelCraft Staff.

Chat and Channel Guide!

/g - Global chat. Everyone on the server will hear you. You are automatically put in this channel when first logging on to the server.

/l - Local chat. Only people within a small range can hear you.

/sm - Senior Member chat. An exclusive chat channel to talk to fellow Senior Members.

/tc - Town chat to talk to your town members

/pc - Party chat. Chat with only people in a pre-made party.

/msg <player name> - Sends a private message to a player.

/r - responds to a private message.

/w <player name> - Does the same as /msg

/tell <player name> - Does the same as /msg

/helpop - Admin Help. Sends a message to all admins/moderators online to help with a problem or a bug you’ve noticed.


Locking to a Specific Channel


/gon - Locks you to Global chat. Default on logging in. Important if you accidentally locked yourself to another chat.

/lon - Locks you to local chat.

/won - Locks you to World chat.

/smon - Locks you to Senior Member chat.

o You Want To Be A Sentinel Economist

A User’s Guide to the Sentinelcraft Jobs

So you want to make some money on Sentinelcraft, eh? Well how about you GET A JOB!! Seriously, this guide is here to help you work out how to get started with Jobs so you can start making hard cash as you accumulate your wealth over time! Listed below is our quickstart guide to using the jobs system as well as information for all of the commands that will be useful for you to know so you can become the next overworked Oli!

Getting Started

To start off, let’s take a look at how to join a job. Type /jobs browse to see which jobs are available to take on.

When starting jobs, each job has a set number of ways for you to earn XP and money. Here there are currently 13 jobs you can choose from, which we’ll take a look at briefly:


Animal Breeder - Earn rewards by breeding and taming animals, and through actions like cooking, collecting eggs, milking cows and shearing sheep

Brewer - Earn rewards through brewing with reagents and making potions

Dye Trader - Earn rewards through crafting dyes, dying leather armors, and shearing sheep

Enchanter - Earn rewards enchanting armor, weapons and tools
Explorer - A mostly a speedrunner’s job, you can earn rewards either by being one of the first three players to explore a new chunk, or you collect flowers

Farmer - Earn rewards by harvesting crops, collecting common vegetation, or cooking certain foods

Fisherman - Earn rewards by fishing, collecting ocean goods, or by breeding dolphins

Hunter - Earn rewards by killing animals and monsters
Merchant - Earn rewards by trading with villagers

Miner - Earn rewards by breaking stones and ores and smelting ingots

Stone Mason - Earn rewards by crafting stone stairs and slabs, stonecutting bricks, and smelting blocks
Weaponsmith - Earn rewards by crafting armor and weapons, smelting, and repairing gear
Woodcutter - Earn rewards by cutting down tress, giant mushrooms, and placing saplings

Viewing Job Information


Scrolling over the job will show you a quick rundown of information about the profession giving you some idea of what you can expect from doing that job. Leveling up a job is primarily useful for increasing the amount of money you make from completing that task, which can be useful for helping you buy into the server economy. You can also see the number of players already doing that job where it says “Workers”. When you’re ready to join a job, right-click on the Job Icon to join that job.

If you’d like a more detailed rundown of what gains you are earning from your job, left-click on the Job Icon to view more detailed stats:

Lastly, if you ever feel like leaving your current job, hover over the Job Icon and press Q to leave. Remember, you can have up to three jobs at once, so don’t feel the need to quit your day job just so you can pursue another career! (You never know when something might not work out. ;P)


To see your stats (current level & the amount of experience you need before your next level up), type /jobs stats.

Other Helpful Commands

/jobs limit - In the server, we have a time-gated cap on XP/money gains that will occasionally warn you ahead of time if you are reaching the limit. Using this command will show you how far you are from reaching the limit at anytime
/jobs top [job name]
- This will show you who the top players are in your current jobs
/jobs gtop
- This will show you who the global top players are in terms of job levels in total (between all of their chosen professions)

And That’s Pretty Much It!


This is the end of your jobs training seminar player guide, and now you should be fully equipped to make like a scarecrow and be out-standing in your field of work



o you want to be a Sentinel Economist

A User’s Guide to the Sentinelcraft Auction House


So you want to make some money using the auction house system on Sentinelcraft, eh? Well, this guide is here to offer tips about how you can close your next deal successfully and with ease! Listed below is our quickstart guide to using the auction house system as well as a reference sheet for all of the commands that will be useful for you to know so you can become the next CodeJoel!

Quickstart Guide

To start, use the command /ah to access the main menu you will see when using the auction house! The interface may appear something like this:

                              ↑ Current Listings           Sort Listings ↑        How to Sell An Item ↑        ↑ What Is This Page?

What is this page?

This page is the auction house. Here you can list items for sale, and purchase items others have listed for sale. The auction is also a great way to make money by selling farmable items other players may be interested in selling.

How to Sell An Item On the Auction House

To list an item on the auction house, just hold the item in your hand and type /ah sell <price> 

You don’t even need to worry about collecting your posted auctions, as the money you earn will automatically be added to your balance. To see your balance, type /balance or /money

Expired Auctions

On occasion, some of the items you list may not be the immediate big-ticket sellers you were hoping, and the auction house will list your items as expired. Fret not, as you are able to recollect your expired items by typing /ah expired and returning the items to your inventory.

Keep trying and repost the item back to the auction house. Someone will eventually buy that dirt block of yours for sure!

And That’s Pretty Much It!

Advanced Capitalism (Commands Cheatsheet)

In case honest work isn’t good enough for you, here’s some other commands you might want to know so you can quit your day job and better play the market for increased gains so you too can go to the moon! 🚀


/ah reload - reloads the auctionhouse configuration

/ah - open the auction house

/ah search <filter> - view items matching search filter

/ah help - show help for all the commands

/ah sell <price> - sell the item you are holding in hand

/ah selling - view the items you are selling

/ah sold - view the items you have sold recently

/ah expired - view your expired items to return

/ah cancel - cancel all your auctions

/ah return - return all your cancelled/expired items

Husk Claims Tutorial

Tutorial video:

Disclaimer: This was made for GriefPrevention, a similar plugin, HuskClaims that we have updated to works similarly, so we have not removed the tutorial.

Step 1: Claim your area

First thing we got to do, is to take out your golden shove. With that, right click one corner of your base (shows a diamond blocks marking it), then move to opposite corner and right click again. This claims the area. You should end up with some blocks marking your area. 

Creating a claim by right-clicking two corner points


If the area you set up is too small or too big, you can right clock on any of the corners to resize it. This only works for rectangular shapes. You can also click next to it, and move o the next area, to make the protection a different rectangular shape.

Step 2: Use subdivisions

If you don't want everyone to be able to edit it freely and only want them to make builds in specific areas, you can use subdivisions. To use them, you need to change the golden shovel mode. To change it to that mode, use the command /childclaim [radius].

Now in your claimed area, right-click on the corner of your subdivision and then go to the opposite corner and right click again. Subdivisions show up with iron instead of gold.

Step 3: Give permissions for friends

Now that you have the subdivisions made, you need them to be able to build there. For that, you can use the trust commands individually in each subdivision. When you know who will build in the area, you'll have to set up their permissions:

  • /accesstrust [playername] -> lets trusted players press buttons, levers, and pressure plates and open doors, trapdoors, and fences gates as long as they have been unlocked through /lwc
  • /containertrust [playername] -> lets trusted players open chests, hoppers, furnaces, etc - and edit the items in them, only if they have been trusted or unlocked through /lwc
  • /trust [playername] -> lets trusted players place/break blocks (and all of the above)
  • /permissiontrust [playername] - lets trusted players have full claim management access, letting them trust/untrust other players, toggle groups and create child claims (and all of the above)

Make sure to do them inside the subdivision. Otherwsie the person you are giving the permissions will have them everywhere in your claim.

Step 4: Remove permissions or subdivisions

You can remove permissions from a subdivision. Sometimes they have given others permissions to build there. So when you want to kick a player from your area, use /untrust all. This will remove the permissions of everyone in that subdivision.

To remove a subdivision, stand inside the subdivision, and type /abandonclaim. Make sure you stand in the subdivision, or else you delete the entire protection.

Step 5: Maintenance of claims

Abusing your powers can lead to punishment. Make sure to follow the rules.

If you are a trusted player on an inactive players' claim, you are able to request claim leadership transfer to your name, if you have a legitimate reason (you have 60 days).

If you need help checking where your claim is, you can use bluemap. {insert new image here}

You can check your claims using /claimlist

Viewing a list of your claims

Quick Command Reference

Command Description
/trust {player} Gives another player permission to edit in your claim.
/accesstrust {player} Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, and beds.
/containertrust {player} Gives a player permission to usse your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals.
/permissiontrust {player} Grants a player permission to share their permission level with others.
/trustlist Lists the permissions for the claim you're standing in.
/untrust {player} Revokes any permissions granted to a player in your claim.
/untrust all Revoked any permissions granted to all players in you claim
/childclaim Switches your shovel to child claim (subdivision mode), so you can subdivide your claims.
/basicclaims Puts your shovel back in basic claims mode.
/abandonclaim Deleted the claim you're standing in.
/claimlist List a player's claims and claimblock details



Keep Your House Safe!

Towns Guide

HuskTowns is a versatile, player-controlled land management plugin.

It costs $2000 to create a town. From then on, you spend money to level your town at x2 the cost of the previous level. Town levels allow you to increase your:

  • Maximum town members;
  • Maximum claims;
  • Crop growth rate;
  • Mob spawner rates.

Abusing your powers as a mayor or trustee can lead to punishment. Make sure to follow the rules.

Players are considered inactive after 30 days without joining the server. After this time, you are allowed to remove their build, permissions. Make sure to visit their owned plot when this happens. A town will be inactive after 180 days of nobody in the town joining.

If you are a trustee and your Mayor went inactive for more than 60 days, you are able to request the Town leadership transfer to your name, if you have a legitimate reason.

If you need help checking where your town is, you can use BlueMap.

Town Management: 

/town create [name] - Creates your own town. 

/town invite [player name] – Invites a player to your time letting them join the town. 

/town leave – You leave your town, leaving them behind ): 

/town rename [name] – lets you rename your town. 

/town color – lets you give your town name a color, when you enter the town and when you view it it becomes the color that you choose. 

/town relations - View your towns’ relations.

/town relations set [ally/enemy] [town] - Sets your relation with another town.

/town relations set neutral [town] - Sets your relation to neutral with another town (Default).

Ranks and evicting:

/town promote [player name] – promotes a player to trustee, letting them edit town grounds. 

/town demote [player name] – Demotes a player, disabling them from editing town grounds. 

/town evict [player name] – Kicks a player from the town. /town ban [player name]


/town claim – Claims a chunk for your town, letting you build and break blocks there, but not letting residents and outsiders build and break in that chunk. 

/town unclaim – Unclaims a chunk, It’s not your property anymore, so people can edit blocks in it. 

Town Plots & Farms:

To make a town plot from a regular claim, use /town plot and members will then be able to use /plot claim to claim the plot while it is vacant. Alternatively, you can assign someone to the plot with /town plot add <player>. Note the <player> does not actually have to be a town member. Players added to a plot have full access to build within it.

You can designate someone as a "manager" of a town plot, which will let them add others to the plot as well using the previously mentioned command. You can do this with /town plot add <player> manager.

You can remove someone from a plot with /town plot remove <player> and view a simple list of plot members with /town plot list.

/town farm - To make a town claim into a town farm claim, stand in it. Mob spawners and crops in town farms spawn/grow at boosted rates based on your town's level. Any member of your town can break and place farm blocks, crops, interact with mobs as well as access containers in town farms. They can't, however, build or break most structures.


/town setspawn – sets the town spawn where you’re standing.

/town clearspawn – lets you remove the spawn point of your town.

/town greeting – when entering town chunks make a message appear on the players screen.

/town farewell – When leaving town chunks make a message appear wishing them farewell.

Town bank: 

/town withdraw [amount] – lets you take money out of your town bank for all your gambling problems! 

/town deposit [amount] – lets you put money in your town bank and save it, rather than spend it all, smart choice

Town Wars:

The war system is something fun for the ones that want to go into friendly battles over a wager. There is no grief involved, and it only happens when both parties consent to the war (A party declares it, a party accepts it and both are enemies)

A War is between two towns, and a few requirements must be satisfied between both towns before going to war:

  • Both towns must have at least one claim with a /town spawn point set within it.
  • Both towns must be able to afford the minimum wager for a war: 10,000$
  • Both towns must not be on cooldown from a previous war (default value: 48 hours)
  • The attacker declares the war, the defender accepts the war. The war only starts if both parties are consenting.

/war declare [town] [wager] - Mayor declares war with a town over a wager of a minimum of 10k.

/war accept - Accepts the war. The defending town will receive a message informing them that a war declaration request has been made against them. They must then accept the terms of war (including the proposed wager).

Town Levels: 


Level Cost to Member Limit Claim Limit Crop Growth Rate Mob Spawner Rate
Level 1 $2650 8 24 102.5% 102.5%
Level 2 $3700 12 32 105.0% 105.0%
Level 3 $5150 16 40 107.5% 107.5%
Level 4 $7000 20 48 110.0% 110.0%
Level 5 $9250 24 56 112.5% 112.5%
Level 6 $11900 28 64 115.0% 115.0%
Level 7 $14950 32 72  117.5% 117.5%
Level 8 $18400 36 80 120.0% 120.0%
Level 9 $22250 40 88 122.5% 122.5%
Level 10 $26500 44 104 125.0% 125.0%
Level 11 $31150 48 120 127.5% 127.5%
Level 12 $36200 52 136 130.0% 130.0%
Level 13 $41650 56 152 132.5% 132.5%
Level 14 $47500 60 168 135.0% 135.0%
Level 15 $53750 64 184 137.5% 137.5%
Level 16 $60400 68 200 140.0% 140.0%
Level 17 $74900 72 216 142.5% 142.5%
Level 18 $82750 76 232 145.0% 145.0%
Level 19 $91000 80 248 147.5% 147.5%
Level 20 $99650 88 264 150.0% 150.0%

For additional commands see: 


o you want to be a Sentinel Economist

A User’s Guide to the Sentinelcraft Chest Shops

So you want to make some money using the chest shops on Sentinelcraft, eh? Well, this guide is here to give our two cents about how you can establish your own shop successfully and with ease! Listed below is our quickstart guide to using the chest shop system as well as a reference sheet for all of the commands that will be useful for you to know so you can become the next Market!

Quickstart Guide

To start, place a simple chest on the ground. While holding the item you want to sell in this shop, type /ecs create <buy price> <sell price>. If you don’t want players selling to your shop, or you’re only seeking to collect resources, don’t worry! There are settings you can alter we’ll get to in a bit. For now, just set a number that works to get started. The result of this command will transform your chest into a shop!



Let’s take a look at the settings inside real quick. When you first enter the shop screen, you’ll be faced with a screen that looks like this:



First thing you will notice is the chest icon in the bottom-left corner called Admin View. This is where you will restock your shop with items as your stock is depleted.

The sign icon in the bottom-right is your shop Settings. Let’s take a look at that next:  


From here, you can alter a number of basic settings for your shop. From left to right, the settings are:

Toggle Transaction Message - By turning this setting on, you will be informed whenever someone makes a purchase from a chest. While you might not want to know every time someone buys a stack of cobblestone from you, this might be handy if you’re looking to sell rarer, high-ticket items. Of course, how you run your shop is up to you!

Disable Buying - This will make it so players can no longer buy from your stock. Maybe you want a bit of time to readjust your shop settings or refill your stock. Perhaps you want to set up a selling market for collecting building resources from your neighbors looking to make a quick profit– this setting would be perfect for you!

Disable Selling - A pretty useful setting, you probably aren’t always going to be in the business of running a shop only for people to sell more stock back to you. You want to make sales yourself! By switching this off, you won’t have to worry about other players robbing your pockets blind by fixing you up with the materials you weren’t even looking for.

Shop Admins - Running a lucrative business or town will at times require a savvy executive to hire extra labor to run the stores for them. This setting will allow you to add your friends, townmates, or employees as admins to help access the admin settings for this chest so they can get on with the menial task of refilling stock while you’re taking a money bath Scrooge McDuck-style!

Hologram Rotation - Depending on how you want to customize your shop, you may want the floating hologram text to be in a different position than the default. This is the command for you. Here are some examples of different positions you can place your hologram text:


Shop buy/sell price - If you’re looking to edit the prices you had initially set when creating the shop, this is the way to do it. Left-click to edit the buying price, and Right-click to edit the sell price. Type the new amount in chat, and it will be edited. Remember, the market is always about knowing your target market prices!

Customize your hologram - This will permit you to add a special title line for your shop in case you want to spice up your marketing for your interested buyers/sellers. For my own example, why buy another marketeer’s cobblestone when you could buy from my luxury brand, Quabblestone? Buy it at your local nowhere today!


And That’s Pretty Much It!


This plugin is pretty straightforward, so do your best to build a marketplace that will attract customers across the server. Someday, you too might become a mogul if you’re willing to bargain for it! ;)


In-Depth Player Statistics

We have implemented new in-depth player statisitcs with a standalone website. This will allow you to track multiple things about your activity on the server and give you a greaterr understanding on how you play!

Key Information:

  • You can only see the statistics about youself and not other players.
  • To see your statistics you have to link your username and website longin together.
  • Statisitcs only started when it was implemented on the 15th of November 2021, there is no information above this date.
  • Network Overview is not available to anyone below Admin due to the sensitive nature of some of the statistics held. This is used to see the trajectory of the server and player retention.


Getting Started:

In-game, run the command /plan register. You need to be at least a member to register. This will give you a link tyo click on. Depending on your browser it may say the connection is unsafe, be we are hosting the website on the same dedicated machine as the server and not trying to steal your data, it is safe to proceed.

After this point, it should give you a webpage which looks like the following:

Use the same username as you do in the server and make up a password, preferably one different from one used on other sites. Once you have provided this information ,it should now give you the following popup on the page:

Copy the first command it gives you, and run it in-game and you should get the following message in game:

You have now successfully linked your in-game account to the statistics website!

If you ever forget your password to your account, we as staff do not have access to that. You must reset it following these steps:

  1. Login into the Minecraft server as you normally would. Once online and connected, you'll need to run the /plan unregister command.
  2. It will ask you to confirm ou wish to unregister your linked accounts. Click the green arros to confirm. Once unregistered, follow the previous steps to re-regsiter, using the same name as you in-game account.

Viewing Your Statistics

There are two ways in which you can view your statistics either through the in-game commands or through the website:

In-game: You can view basic statistics in-game using /plan ingame, it shall look like the following:

On the website: To view more in-depth statistics about yourself, you can use /plan player ingame. It should give you a link to follow the statistics website. Use the username and password you entered earlier to link your account to login.

Once you have logged in you should see a page that would look something like this:

There is a lot of information displayed on this page, take your time with reading this page. One the left hand side, there are further pages to dive deeper into your statistics.


This tab allows you to search through and see which days you have been online and for how long you have been online!

PvP & PvE

This tab allows you to see information about your player deaths and player kills, also gives in-depth information

Server Overview

This tab allows you to see information about which servers you have played on the most and even for how long.


Under this tab there is a lot of data for each of the servers! A lot of this data is personal and specific and why there is no screenshot of this. Take your time to look through all of this as it does make for some really interesting reading!