Staff Guidelines

Server Rules

01. No griefing.

  1. Griefing includes adding to others builds, removing from other builds and general dickery.
  2. Griefing is against the rules, we use a plugin to reduce the occurance, but it is still against the rules.
  3. You must claim things that you want to protect.
  4. Circumventing the protections of other players is bannable.
  5. Needlessly destroying thje landscape. We all play here, lets take care of the world. Use the resource world.
  6. If you trust people into your claims it is your responsiblity. Choose wisely.
  7. If you have the ability to claim, do so. We won't handle every grief case because you were too lazy to claim.

02. No spamming.

  1. No repeating messages, e.g. saying "Help"."Help"."Help".
  2. No spamming any commands (e.g. /tpa) or any Admin+ commands.
  3. If someone is banned, don't continually ask for them to be unbanned.
  4. This is an english speaking server, If you want to speak with someone in another language, do it over /msg {message}.

03. No advertising.

  1. Do not advertise websites, servers IPs or other gaming communities.
  2. This includes not poaching members via external communications.

04. Maturity.

  1. This is a primarily adult server. If you want to play, act like one.

05. No disrespecting other players.

  1. Racism.
  2. Excessive cursing.
  3. Name calling.
  4. Laughing at them.
  5. Gender or sexual discrimination

06. No client mods.

  1. The only permitted client mods are listed here: {LINK TO ALLOWED MODIFICATIONS}
  2. Any client mod that gives you an advantage in gameplay is bannable e.g. xray, aimbots.
  3. No abuse of glitches that can let you duplicate items, steal from players, or see through blocks (e.g. xray machines).
  4. You must apply your suggested client mod on the forums if you think it should be allowed.
  5. Knowing about others using cheats and failing to report will lead you to be being punished also.

07. No auto-farms, you must put effort into making money!

  1. This includes AFK farms. Auto Pumpkin harvesting, etc.
  2. If it requires effort to harvest, e.g button pushing, it's probably okay.
  3. The general rule is, if it doesn't require you to work, it's against the rules.
  4. For the complete set of rules read this link: {LINK TO REDSTONE MACHINE RULES}

08. Being stupid is bannable.

  1. Being unable to answer basic yes/no questions is bannable.
  2. Being uncooperative

09. No begging.

  1. If you have been here 5 minutes... No we will not make you an admin.
  2. If you are interested in advancing within the server, contact an admin and they will tell you what steps you must take.
  3. No asking for items continously; if you need resources go find them by yourself.
  4. Donations for people other than yourself must be approved ahead of time by a Senior Admin

10. No unfair PvP.

  1. This is a PvP enabled server. But its not our sole focus.
  2. TP Killing, e.g. Teleporting someone to you or you to them, and killing them.
  3. Repeat killing.
  4. spawn killing.
  5. PvP logging, e.g. logging out during a fight.

11. No mcMMO trainers.

  1. Auto levelers/AFK levelers are not allowed.

12. No unwanted teleporting.

  1. If you are asked to leave, you must comply within 20 seconds, or face punishment.
  2. Failure to do so can result in you losing your ability to /tpa at all.

13. No multi-accounting.

  1. That means no logging on and playing as two different characters.
  2. Every IP is logged. We are actively checking these for multiaccounting.
  3. If you have more than one player per household, tell a staff member so we can log it.
  4. Failure to tell us in advance may mean you will be questioned needlessly.
  5. If you have been muted, do not mute evade, e.g. talk on dynmap while muted.

14. As a Town Leader you have certain responsiblities.

  1. You must give fair warning before destroying anything your town members built.
  2. You may only remove your residents' plot after a duration of 30 days.
  3. Abusing your claim powers to harm your residents' builds will be punshable.
  4. The best way to manage your town and town memebers plots is to use 16x16 plots. Others ways may lead to problems.

15. Town Resident's responsibilities.

  1. You must obey all server rules over any rules that the town puts forth.
  2. All lawful town rules must be obeyed. If you dislike their rules, change towns.
  3. We are not responsible for any theft from your item storing devices within the town. If you don't trust the town, you are better off on your own.
  4. If your town leader goes inactive for 30 days, you have a duration of 60 days to claim your plot by asking an Admin+.
  5. Your town leader and assistant have the right to modify your plot within the town laws.
  6. If you feel like any of these rules are unclear contact a Moderator+ for clarification.

16. Public home responsibilities.

  1. All player homes (phomes) will need to have an appropriate name for quick identification of the home. Such as store names, building use, etc
  2. Any phomes which use number and/or letters at the start of their home name to artificially move their home near the top of /phomelist, will be subject to removal.   

00. PvP actions that end up distrubing the server peace shall be dealt with in a case-to-case basis, staff will have the final say in all judgements and punshments inflicted.

  1. This is the governing rule, this is not negotiable nor can you abuse any of the following rules to yoursself PvP advatanges. Going out of your way to do so will result in actions ranging from disabling your PvP all the way up to a ban.

01. No unfair teleportation.

  1. An example of unfair teleportation is a donor using the /warp command in order to teleport to a warp, without having direct access to the sign.
  2. Town spawn, warp signs and public server warps are fine. Warps with the sole purpose to hunt someone will be deleted.
  3. You can tell players to leave your area if they have teleported there through yourself, someone trusted in your claim or a resident of your town. You can tell players to leave your area if you feel harassed. If they do not comply, report to staff.
  4. The usage of warp signs while being engaged in PvP is not allowed.
  5. Setting your home near or on someone's base for the sake of quick hunting will be punished.

02. No kill-abuse.

  1. Kill-abuse includes killingh someone again after they teleported back, without engaging PvP themselves (Repeat killing). It also includes constantly killing the same person who are defenseless, not everyone is smart, they will engage PvP out of fear because you are an abuser in their eyes. This type of action will be considered bullying and punished accordingly to our discretion.
  2. No PvP logging. Staff will investigate whenever this happens.
  3. Antagonizing and provoking players by standing (camping) at the edge of their claim and clear surroundings (50 blocks+) of the player's builds will also be considered bullying and will be dealt with accordingly.
  4. You should return items from disarming them or other means to the person otherwise it will be considered greif. Any breakage of armour during PvP will not be considered grief.
  5. If you make a group to hunt someone you may not kill them individually, the group is one entity and will not keep killing that eprson for each person in that entity. Breaking this will be considered kill abuse.

03. No taking advantage of your donor perks while engaging in PvP.

  1. This includes using a /disguise prior to PvP - followed by undisguising to attack the player.
  2. Engaging PvP while flying. You should be far enough away so that player would be able to see or hear you approaching.
  3. No using /heal.

04. Responsibilities as a mayor.

  1. If you would like to protect your people from PvP, the best way to do so is to claim your town properly and closing your town spawn.
  2. Toggling town PvP on/off whenever this suits you, is not allowed. You cannot change the town's PvP status after being engaged in combat.

If you feel like any of these rules are unclear contact a Senior Admin+ for clarification.

These rules will define the redstone machines on the server as they have become more and more promient. These come to clarify any sort of future misunderstandings or questions you may have going forward.

00. Definitions.

  1. An automatic farm - is a farm that requires no form of effort or intervention ot get the final outcome of the farm. The eoffrt to build the farm does not count.
  2. A semi-automatic farm - is a farm that requires pulling a lever, pushing a button, or having to collect the produce manually. You must not be afk'ing at a spot waiting for the items to come to you as this is equivalent to an afk-farm and crosses the blurry line between auto and semi-auto.

01. The rule: No auto-farms, you must put effort into making money! This includes afk-farms.

  1. Redstone machines should not be running all the time as redstone increases load on the server and may cause lag if many redstone machines are running across the server.
  2. Bypassing the rules with techinicalities, e.g. turning a lever on and letting the farm run is not okay. The fact it has an on and off switch does not exclude other facts like the automatic part of the collection and harvest.
  3. Large farms and industrial size farms will be subject to evaluation from a senior staff members, you cannot build them and judge them yourself, you need approval.
  4. Since there's a vast sea of farm models we have concluded that some will not be allowed: Automatic sheep farm, you must add a swtich to shear the sheep yourself. Villager crop farms, although a game mechanic, are not allowed.
  5. Some traditional farms will be allowed with conditions: Flower farms with a button, 2 block high flowe farms as long as it;s not running infinitely, cacti farms will be allowed as long as they respect the above rules & the player is doing another activity in the area other than just standing still at the collection point.
  6. Some criterias of judgement that are not ultimate but will give you a rough idea if your farm is allowed or not:
    1. Are you actively interacting with the system other than standing still e.g. pushing buttons?
    2. Is there an on/off switch?
    3. Are you collecting it yourself?
     If you answer at least one no then you must ask for a staff members evaluation.
  7. If you have any doubts, ask a staff member. We do not punish you for making the farm, we punish you for using an illegal farm and hiding it from staff.
  8. Senior Admins reserve the final say in exceptional cases, pushing auto farming will elad to the punishment and removal of the machine.


We hope you understand the importance of making such rules for farming as minecraft's ever-expanding universe and technicality leads to some game-breaking and economy-breaking designs that simply do not have a place within our community. It is meant to keep some sort of balance for players to have a chance of catching up.

We love that players look to support and donate to the server, but with a few extra perks comes a few more responsibilities as well:

01. Do not share your perks. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Sharing kit items.
  2. Selling kit items.
  3. Building for others with kit items
  4. Repairing tools/armour/weapons for others with kit items.

02. Do not store kit items.

03. Use good judgement:

  1. Using disguide, /fly, /heal, /feed while PvPing a player will not be tolerated
  2. Do not use the 'Invisible' tag in disguises

Its worth noting 'other' players includes all players, even other donors.

We'd also like to add other ways you can continue to help support and promote our server:

04. Treat all players with respect, regardless of their rank.

05. Help answer basic questions, especially if staff are bust or not around.

  1. Demonstrate a knowledge to follow the same rules to keep gameplay as fair as possible
  2. Our new player look up to higher ranks, we appreciate you being a good role model for them!

It can be a bit confusing having a forum and Discord to keep in contact with the community, so here we will outline the difference, as well as some basic forum etiquette.

When to use which platform:

01. Forums is more of an offical way to communicate (consider forums like an email, and discord like texting)

  1. Any sort of reporting rules breaking, bugs, or related concerns should go on forums. We discourage from doing this on Discord because it will get lost in the chat.
  2. Forums should also be used for suggestions, such as modifications you think we should approve, or other feature you think we should add to the game.

02. Discord is more immediate and will get our attention faster.

  1. If a player is wreaking havoc or spamming in game, and staff aren't around, then the best way to notify us is on Discord.
  2. If the server goes down unexpectedly, and no staff were on at the time, then please ping us so we can see what happend. Keep in mind we do have regularly scheduled restarts.
  3. Please ping Moderators or Admins first, and they will refer the issue to Senior Staff if there is a need to.

Forum etiquette:

03. Keep it classy.

  1. Do your best to use proper grammar and spelling. It's difficult to help players if we cannot communicate with each other.
  2. Refrain from all caps, or other obnoxious text.
  3. No personal arguments or disputes.
  4. Stay on topic - if you want to talk about something else, make a new post or move it to Discord when appropriate.

04. No spamming - most issues we see on forums fall under this general umbrella.

  1. No repeatedly replying to your post to 'bump' it.
  2. Do not keep making post about the same issue.

05. English only on the forums.


To make things easier for everyone involved here is a quick rundown of what is expected of our moderators;

01. Responsible first and foremost for the quality of gameplay for the players.

02. Setting a good example by being helpful, courteous and fair.

  1. Vountarily helps players by answering basic questions, referring them to guides and other partss of the website when necessary.

03. Being an active player.

  1. Both on the server and discord
  2. Always communicate with the community in a positive way.

04. Displays maturity regardless of their age.

  1. There is no age bias, we do not care if you are 12, 20 or 50, a moderator is expected to act like an adult.
  2. Maturity also means refraining from gossuping about the server or other players. If a moderator has a complaint about our server or another player, please use the proper webpage to report or reach out to an Admin+ so we can assess the problem properly.

Our staff team is a reflection of our server, we hope to appeal professional but approachable. Moderating the server is just one small aspect of our job, our main goal is to promote the quality of the server for our players.

05. Other ways in which Staff might help us improve our server:

  1. Working with us to add new game features to the server (In a similar way in which Crates; Origin and various minigames in the past).
  2. Working with the staff team to create special venues or maps for events and minigames.
  3. Helping write informational website posts.
  4. Hosting (or assisting in hosting) events.
  5. Brings a positive and 'willingness to help' attitude to the server.

The least important part of the job is policing the server. What is meant by this is trying to find people cheating, etc. Staff are told when investigating something, they are told to keep in mind that everyone is innocent unitl proven guilty. Not the other way around. Iterrogating players will not be tolerated. Abusing any staff powers to harass other player will lead to the rank being revoked.