Phoenix Wiki & Launch!

Phoenix Wiki & Launch!

Happy 11th Birthday to Sentinelcraft. Be there for Phoenix's Launch Today at 6.30 PM GMT+1!

Dear community,

We hope you are ready for the launch of Phoenix! This post will give you links to the wikis that have been updated:

Starter Guide | SentinelCraft

Updated to reflect the changes in the homes plugin and block logging protection (not Log Block anymore it’s CoreProtect)

Towns Guide | SentinelCraft

Updated to reflect the changes from Towny to HuskTowns.

Husk Claims | SentinelCraft

Nearly Unchanged. Plugin uses same mechanics as GriefPrevention but has better integration with the HuskTowns plugin.

Auction House Guide | SentinelCraft

Auction House plugin guide, a simpler guide and plugin to use the auction house.

Shop | SentinelCraft

Our new integrated shop in Sentinelcraft's website!

Rank List | SentinelCraft

Our updated Rank list! Please look at it or bugsy will be upset. You need to be very excited for it.

BlueMap - Phoenix Overworld (

Better Map with better display!

Notable mentions

  • You are allowed to change your name on your first join. Once you have started playing, old name change rules apply.
  • You will all start at a senior member role if you held a donator position before.
  • You may donate for a permanent rank or opt for a subscription rank.
  • You may vote to help the server and in preparation for the crates coming up as soon as you go online.
  • Chest Shop plugin guide is coming soon.
  • Crates are coming soon.
  • Additional info on world downloads is expected within the next month.
  • Additional implementations will happen over the next couple of months.
  • There will be no keep inventory until we release a way to purchase keep inventory coupons!
  • Make sure your ingame name and website name match for any donations.

Play nice and be good neighbours!


Posted on May 24, 2024 by PaulinaCarrot